John Blyth

The good President of the United States, 2023.

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     The good President. Unity.

     Healthcare, Rx and The Inflation Reduction Act.
     Healthcare heroes.
     The Treasury Dept. Repeat.
     Social Security.
     The Cities assaults against motorists every where. Texas has it rught to not accomodate bicycles on the roads. Far too dangerous. And big city mayors should not tell children to go play in the streets. Awful. Scooters, bikes, roller blades, skate boards should not be in the streets, because your mayor Deadfoot say's so. Motorists can not manuver when mayors put concrete in the streets everywhere. Making all roads terribly, much more dangerous for motorists and all else. Irk and jerk. Then add the 1 million pot wholes no one can avoid and the speed humps to throw all drivers out of control. The speed humps are mass penalties against all citizens who are not the problem. The speed humps are also the tantamum of facts that the city will not go after, nor chase, the worst drivers resposible for the chaos and mayhem, nor prosecute any for any reason. And dahm your hides if you have to drive any where in Chicago. Now it is all up to those personal injury trial lawyers until the city finally aknowledges untold treacherous streets and roads forced against us by mayor concrete in the streets every where, now un-navigable, compressed streets and roads Deadfoot. Your Deadfoot mayor that does not drive, at all. Case in point. The misery concrete divider in the middle of Madison Ave, Halsted to Ashland. That concrete has now been removed and the street works proprerly again now. And everybody said, Whew!. It is called civil engineering. Not degenerate no driving criminal harassments against State and local transportations, which is totally illegal everywhere by the Deadfoot assaults against transportaion. Same as N.J gov Chris Christie against the bridge. Your mayor Deadfoot may not and can not interfere with local and State transportations and must be held criminally liable. Federal law. Makes no mention of the terrorisms against senior citizens recieving City of Chicago tickets and now, can not pay for their medicines. Makes no mention of City of Chicago willful traffic lights jammings to ensure more robo-cam violations revenues increase against us. Right on reds and every utter nasty trick in the Deadfoot book. Your mayor Deadfoot awful, everyday, no changes. The City of Chicago should pay you to drive in that fix no streets, all out Deadfoot funk, slop mess, treachery by willful sabotage. Savage Dreadfoot Chicago. Gotta 3/4 ton, or bust. Chicago was never like that and is completely road and legacy mayor dreadfoot now. Awful.

     Japan and South Korea. Repeat.
     Xi China, 2023.