John Blyth

The Real Congress, 2022.

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     Jan 6 Hearings. Watch The fifth House Select Committee Hearing of Investigation of the Capitol Attack.

     The good Congress. Mr. Adam Kinzinger. Republican from Illinois. Did a great job. The DoJ. Watch it all live here. The DoJ. Repeat. Jeffrey Clark, acting Drumf atorney general. The letter to the Georgia legislature. The DoJ. Seditious conspiracy to defraud America. The January 6 insurrection. Updates. Complete fraud Drumf. See it all here. 30 Drumflicans have not appeared to Congress. Voters. Highly Willard organized. And highly Drumf terrorists for terrorisms funded. New evidence. See the Jan 6 House Committee here. Sabotage with treachery. Yikes. See there. Mr. Richard Donoghue. Mr. Jeffrey Rosen, then acting Atorney General. Mr. Steven Engel, former assistant AG.. All from the DoJ. See now. Updates. The good Congress. Updates. Attack on the Capitol. The courts. The States. The DoJ. Violence. Drumf terrorisms against us. Ever uglier repeat, everyday. Drumf hoodlums. Hoodlums for Drumf. Grifters all.

     Nazi Koch bros personnel will be named repeatingly. Ole' Rat face is thrilled. Repeat, repeat. Republican Congressmen Scott Perry R-Pa. Mark Meadows, cos. Jeff Clark. Christopher Miller. Kass Pattel. Mike Flynn. Ken Klukowski. Louie Gomert R-Tx. John fibth Eastman. Mo Brooks R-Alabama. Matt Gaetz R-Florida. Jim Jordan R-Ohio. Andy Biggs R-AZ. Marj Greene R-Ga. Many Republicans requested pardons from the Drumf. Repeat. Massive Drumf fraud of illicit monies spent by Drumfs doj. Gross relentless Drumf. Mr. Clark took the fibth over 125 times. Gangster Drumf buffers. Terrorists. The DoJ.

    Next. 2 New Hearings will be held next month, due to, too many more all new evidences.