John Blyth

The Real Congress, 2022.

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     January 6 Hearings. Fourth Hearing on Investigation of Capitol attack.

     Mr. Adam Schiff, D-Calif,. The good AZ. House Speaker Mr. Rusty Bowers. Mr. Brad Raffensperger. Secretary of State for Georgia. Mr. Gabrriel Sterling. Georgia election official. Ms. Andrea Shaye Moss, Georgia elections worker and her mother. The good Congress. The 4rth Jan 6 committee hearing, today at 1 p.m. ET. Con man fraud Drumf. Your Nazi Koch bros with all Republican facilitators should be named repeatingly. Multiple federal felonies comitted by Drumflicans. Watch it all here. See the good Congress here. Yikes. Savage criminal Drumflicans. Terrorists all. Updates. The Jan Jan 6 committee. Updates, watch or listen. See the treachery and sabotage of ole' Rat face. See ole' Rat face there. Willard and more. Terrorists for Drumf. Terrorists for terrorisms. Conspiracy to defraud America. Updates. Ole' Rat face. Threats of violence and deaths. 30 Drumflican terrorist witnesses have refused to appear before the Select Committee. Mr. Cipollone should appear before Congress. RNC terrorists.