John Blyth

The Real Congress, 2022.

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     January 6 Hearings. Resident vagrant Drumf's campaign to influence savage vice. Degenerate Drumf.

     Day 3 of the Jan 6 hearing, today at 1 p.m. Watch. The good Congress. Watch day 3 of the Jan 6 hearing here. Mr. Pete Aguilar, Dem CA. Counsel Mr.John Wood, Attorney from Missouri. Seditious conspiracy to defraud America. Infidel terrorists. Watch it all live here. Voters, blockbuster moments. Voters. The crime of the century. Watch it all here. Watch here. Attack on the Capitol. The 3rd Jan 6 Hearing. A relentless effort to defraud America in every vile ways and means. See there. Treachery. Drumf spies lies and horrids. Sabotage. What shall the penalty be? We all know. Former Judge J. Michael Luttig is impressive. See his NYT OpED. Swamp creatures. Eastman took the fibth 100 times.