John Blyth

The good President of the United States, 2022.

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     The good President.

     Healthcare heroes. Get vaccinated. Repeat. Get the booster shot. RepeatSurge. Updates. Get the Flu shot too. Masks up. Healthcare heroes. Updates. Phone for tests. Get the booster shot. Hark, community. Colleges. Education. Healthcare heroes.
     Voting rights.
     Ohio Computer Chips. And the need for new government incubators. Ohio Intel Computer Chips.
     Foreign Policy.
     Governing. It is not easy. People had forgotten the gentle peace of a real President. A tough year. Sabotaged with treachery. Meritorious. vs. Your Grimm Reapers Senate traitors. Un-american traitors glee. Economy. A tough first year. Repeat. Year 1. Repeat. First year. Not easy. Repeat, repeat. Your all Republican savage treason assaults against our good President, our good Presidency and U.S.