John Blyth

The good President of the United States, 2022.

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     The good President.

     Covid eradications update. Get vaccinated. Healthcare heroes. Get the booster and get the Flu shot too. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Updates. Masks up. N95. Kids. Get vaccinated. Healthcare heroes. Hark.
     Voting rights. Voters. Reform?
     Law Enforcement. Whoa.
     The Fed. The Fed. The Fed.
     The IRS.
     Migration stats.
     Labor. Drumf doc sabotage. Criminal Drumf doc. Criminal terrorist doc sabotage.
     Governing. Economy.
     Scotus. Scotus. Needs an inspetor general. Repeat. Awful unjust scotus. Public health menaces. Super spreaders all. Your necromaniacs all Republican Nazi Koch bros scotus. Up your all Republican NRA scotus. Super spreader Republican scotus.
     The DoJ and more.