John Blyth

Drumf terrorists for terrorisms. Ratfest, 2022.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:34:41 AM | Back to Blygs

     Terrorist spies, lies and treachery. Ole' Rat face, criminal conspiracy to defraud America in every vile ways and means. Is seditious conspiracy preferable? 12th & 20th. Sedition against America. Terrorists for terrorisms. Texas Nazi Koch bros personnel. Seditious conspiracies and treacherous traitors there. Super spreader Republicans. Pals of ole' Rat face like that. Repeat. Ole' Rat face. Willard. Pals of ole' Rat face like this. Terrorists all. Your all Republican Senate makes it all Nazi for your Nazi Koch bros and keeps it all repeating disfunctional chaos with mayhem to kill America. Enemies foreign and domestic terrorists. Non deliberative sabotage poisons.

     U.S. Ukraine. Russia. NATO. Russia. U.S. Russia. Putin. Kazakhstan. Serbia. Cyber.
     Spy Boris. Pals of spy Boris.
     North Korea Pals of ole' Rat face.
     Nicaragua Pals of ole' Rat face.
     Cuba Pals of ole' Rat face.
     Cambodia Pals of ole' Rat face. China origins. Olympic Bejing disatster.
     Mexico Pals of ole' Rat face.
     No accident. Your Nazi Koch bros, Robert Mercer Putin Russia terrorists.