John Blyth

The good President of the United States, 2022.

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     The good President. See here. Watch the good President speech on covid.

     Get vaccinated. Covid eradication. Healthcare heroes. Get the booster shot. Get a Flu shot too. Masks up. Masks. Testing 15 M per day. + new rapid tests- all free. 1 Billion tests. Covid New Hospital response deployments. The good President = unity. Updates. The SMART Health Card.
     The new world odor with your all Republican killing of the BBB Act. Inflation is transitory, but made sustained by your all Republican sinister Senate. Your Nazi Koch bros new world odor. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Hark. Terrorists. Everyday. Scotus treachery. Your all Republican Nazi Koch bros scotus. Never had to all Republican Nazi Koch bros happen. None of it. Howling for undermine, scotus. Aiding and abetting, facilitating more mass murders against us. Repeat. Frightening scotus Republicans.
     Governing. Governing.
     Doing it Maine.
     Climate matters. Lake Superior. Maine and more. The VDoT. Climate matters.