John Blyth

The good President of the United States, 2022.

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     The good President. Unity. Watch the good President, voting rights  speech. In Atlanta, GA. Unity. Great speech. Voting reform. Yikes.

     Covid eradication. Get vaccinated. Get the booster. Do all the mandates. Whoa. Testing. Testing. Get the Flu shot too. Healthcare heroes. Omicron. Masks. Updates.
     Agency nurses cost $250 per hour? Nationally?
     Voting rights. Voters. Voting rights. Voters. Voters rights. Voters. Voting rights. Voters. Voting rights. Voting rights. Voting rights. The Senate filibuster. Updates. Georgia.
     The Fed. The Fed. The Fed.
     Economy. Trade. Banking. Banking. Banking. Tech. Updates. Strong demand. Inflation
     The DoJ. The DoJ.