John Blyth

Drumf terrorists for terrorisms. Ratfest, 2022.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:05:57 AM | Back to Blygs

     Ole Rat face. Death everywhere. Don't be a super spreader. That legacy Republican death gap. All Republican workforce jobs killer legacies of destructions. Horrifying. Ole' Rat face is thrilled. Loser ole' Rat face. Repeat. Ole' Rat face is tremendously thrilled. Thrilling sadist ole' Rat face. Ratfest, 2020 continues now. Yikes. Watch the real Drumf Plague all Republican 840,000 dead people response live. Horrors. Never had to all Republican sadists happen. Repeat. Everyday legacy Republicans. Your Nazi Koch bros are thrilled. To kill America in every vile ways and means. Savage Republicans against us. Your all Republican Senate with ole' Rat face made it all happen death to America. Sinister like a mug. Your all Republican scotus is aiding and abetting, facilitating, more all Reublican mass murders against us too. Sinister. Ratfest, 2022. Rotfast, 2022. Ole' Rat face.

     Spy Boris. Repeat. Europe. WHO. Poland.
     Ethiopia Plas of ole' Rat face.