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     Ole' Rat face all Republican violence with destructions are getting worse everyday. Terrorists. All escalting Republican violence that never had to Grover  NRA Norquist happen. Everywhere. Ratfest. 2021. Rats. Repeat. Rats. Ratfest, 2021. Rats. Ole' Ratface is thrilled. Thrilling ole' Rat face. Stephen Miller hate all Republican  crimes against  us. Your all Republican response. Hefty fines for using frivolous suits to undermine the democratic system. Ratfest, 2021. Finks and dirty rats everywhere. Pals of ole' Rat face. Ole' Rat face Pals like that. Hoodlums. Hoodlum criminals for ole' Rat face. Hoodlums like that. Badly repeat. Criminals for ole' Rat face. Super spreader Republicans like this. Nazi Koch bros super spreaders everywhere. All Republican Nazi koch bros Senate made and ole' Rat face distributed. To kill America in every vile ways and means. 7 Deacades of the Nazi Koch bros JBS scorched earth policies of hate for hell against us. Terrrorists, Nazi Koch bros repeat. Ratfest, 2021 get's bigger everyday. More rats. Right-wing extremist Pals of the Nazi Koch bros and ole' Rat face. Horrifying hate mongers. Criminal Pals of the Nazi Koch bros and ole' Rat face. Terrorists. Nazi Koch bros repeat. Your Nazi Koch bros are never mentioned. Terrorists. Terrorists. Terrorists. Yikes. Wisconsin and more. Super spreader Republicans everywhere.

     China Pals of ole' Rat face. Philippine Pals of ole' Rat face. China.
     El Salvador Pals of ole' Rat face. Latin America Pals of ole' Rat face.
     Slovakia Pals of ole' Rat face. Europe.
     Your Nazi Koch bros new world odor, everyday. No coincidence all Republican Senate made with ole' Rat face. Repeat, repeat, repeat. See Grover NRA Norquist there.
     Turkey Pals of ole' Rat face.
     Drain your all Republican spies filthy swamp.