John Blyth

The good President of the United States 2021.

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     The good President. The good President made good speech about covid-19 updates. Unity.

     Labor. Labor. John Deere is right-wing extremist Grassley protected 40 years grossly over due. Labor. Labor.
     Children. Seniors. Everyone else.
     Covid-19 Eradication. Will it be safe for all 1-1-22? Get a flu shot too.
     To be sure, the OECD could do a lot to improve supply chain woes worldwide.
     It is no accident that 1%'ers Walmart, Target and Amazon are not experiencing supply chain woes. De-regulations of everything equals chaos for all and vastly favors the 1%. Why? Because the criminal 1% few are the perputraitors. All in advance positions of the knowings. Yikes. Then, massive exploitations. Robert Mercer. Putin and the Nazi Koch bros. For 1% decades. The Fed.
     Very important. Pass global minimum tax reform.

     Glascow, Scotland. UK.