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Discovery and holler.

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     We know all Republican treason. Ole' Rat face is thrilled. The Russia connctions. Criminals for treason. Illigitimate, fraud con man. Super spreaders all. Rikers for all Republican traitors. Finks and dirty rats. Ole' rat face. The face of all Republican failures. All Confederate Republican. Ratfest, 2021. The ole' Rat face criminal doj Bill DissBarr has not been named? Thrilling ole' Rat face. Ratfest, 2021. In the tower of Rats. See the bigly Rat. Rats like that. Robert Mercer must be named daily in Congressional testimony. Repeat in criminal testimony. Every Ratfest day. Rikers awaits. All Republican super spreaders are thrilled. 5-12 months in jail.

     Africa. Ethiopia. Gambia. Nambia.
     Beirut, Lebanon. Beirut, Lebanon. Infidel Pals of ole' Rat face.
     Chile. Nicaragua. Cuba.
     The Russia connections.