John Blyth

The good President of the United States 2021.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:24:25 AM | Back to Blygs

     The good President. The good President.

     Covid-19 Eradication. Get vaccinated today. Do all the mandates. Get vaccinated. Today. No fret enforcement. Miami. Get vaccinated now. Do all the mandates.
     Labor. Labor. Economy. Economy. Economy. Junkbook.
     The CFTC. Consumers. Rx and more. Education. LA.
     Climate matters. Yikes.
     We want to thank the good president for peace and tranquilities. Unity, as we all await in earnest the all new domestic terrorists and terrorisms laws, 2021. And should there be an all new Constitutional Amendment, so be it.

     Saudi Arabia.