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Discovery and holler.

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     Deplorables. Vacancies and vagrants, vagrant criminals. Your Nazi Koch bros all Republican Senate money laundering machine. .04 cents on the dollar. Kaching. Over 500,000 dead people everywhere. Mass murderers everyday and the NRA is there to make sure it all gets done. Your all Republican Senate pays no Nazi price, ever. All Republican Senate racketeered and protected for decades. All Republican. Cruel, vile sadists all. Treacherous traitors all. Dangerous Republicans. All Republican spies, lies and ole' Rat face. Domestic terrorists. 9/11 Right-wing extremists all. The enemy within us. All Republican domestic terrorists.

     Right-wing extremists constant assauls against us. All Republican super spreaders. Louse is loose. The Nazi Koch bros are thrilled. Super spreaders Republican vermin. Sick Republican super spreaders. Super spreaders like this and Texas super spreaders like that. All Republican super spreaders race to hell. Junkbook super spreaders, all Republian Senate racketeered and protected since illicit birth.

     Lebanon. Lebanon.
     Spy Boris robbing UK to death.
     Russia. Belarus. Crimes against humanity. Weaponiozed immigrations repeat. Kabul, Afghanistan. 9/11. Are we safer now? Hunting with dick and don. Afghanistan.
     The China connections. China. India. China.