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     900,000 All Republican Senate ole' Rat face plagued to death. + 500,000 all Republican Senate ole' Rat face poisoned to death opioids. All Nazi Koch bros mass murdered. Sadism. Nazis. Pals of ole' Rat face are thrilled. Ole' Rat face, crackbook, Pals like ths and Pals like that.Thrilling ole' Rat face. Nevada. Florida. Kentucky. Texas. Georgia. Tremendous Drumf. Southern California. Pennsylvania. Missourri and more. AZ. GA. MI WI. PA and more, ole' Rat face pays no price, nothing, ever. Your Republicans. Treachery and sabotage. Your all Republican NRA Senate makes and keeps it all repeating. Deaths. Criminal Republicans all.

     Spy Pals of ole' Rat face. Spies, the doj Bill dissBarr and ole' Rat face got paid for treason everyday. Treachery.

     China climate matters.
     Nazi Koch bros climate matters. Everyday. Repeat, repeat. Yikes.