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Discovery and holler.

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     Swamp monsters. Your irritated bowel dawgs. Spies, lies and horrids. Finks and dirty rats. Legacy Republicans. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
     Criminal. Ole' what's his face did sincere damage to science, every kind of science. Horrifying. And Grover NRA Norquist was there. Sinister buffoonery. Danger. A dangerous all all Republican mess. Louse repeat XXX offenders. Perfidy losers. Repeat. 14 Billion dollar criminal thievage and waste that never had to all Republican criminal regime happen. The entire administration paid no price, nothing and got paid fat, long and stupid. Repeat. And all approved by your all Republican Moscow Mitch McConnell espionage Senate, everyday. The Nazi Koch bros are thrilled. Commodities. After the massive all Republican isolationists vacumms willful failures of 4 years to and for the China connections. Repeat and the doj Bill dssBarr was all up in that mess, if only running interference with the freak judge and Ron Johnson. Then, there is the dot with all Republican Cares Act frauds on the grift. Repeat. And soo..... Remeber, ole' what's his face has monies to pay, huge back taxes, penalties and interest. Best for the DoJ to sieze all assets and passports now. But that does not mean ole' whats his face will not transfer assets from the fibth floor of Drumf tower to China today. Freaks for losers.

     The China connections.
     South America. Peru. Brazil.
     India pals of Drumf. Deadly. Total disaster and failure. Pals of ole' what's his face like that.
     Europe. Freaky Boris.