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The good President of the United States 2021.

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     The good President. Great speech, 2021. No notes. No teleprompter. Completely prepared in the knowings. Scenes.

     At issue; autocrats and autocracy. Iten 1. China is failure. The Chinese people are hostage to Xi and the good people of China have no love nor need fpr the egotistical sadist for power and control freak. Whatever China is now, or will be, is predicated on mass murders and barbarism. And for the record, no one in America is afraid to compete against China. No one.
     Item 2. Criminal failure Putin. A regional failure, not global anything. Nationalized industry criminal thievage to make him the richest man in Europe. 200 Billion dollars, not rubles. Gangster murderer Putin. The good people of Russia want Putin gone and long gone. That was twenty years ago. Navalny is the real President of Russia.
     Item 3. The good people of China and Russia are not free. Americans are free. There in are the failures of all autocrats everywhere.
     Item 4. For those that sow and reap divisions in and of America, you have all failed. There was no civil war stateside and the will not be. Such is the goodness of America united. Repeat. The evils of the sinister 1% has not and will not prevail. Not for any criminal reason.
     God Bless America, the good President, and all in it.

     The real President. America roars. Repeat. QE 2, 3, 2022 could hit 9% GDP. Then watch America roar again. Whoa.  At those rates and climbing, watch the U.S. deficit decline and inflation disappear. Roaring. Raging America. Be a part of it all. Between here and there needs be rebalancings of bloch chain and various shipping disorders across worst affected sectors with new fail safe guidelines to not repermitt disruptions.
     Unity and watch America soar.
     The American Jobs Plan, 2021. Aka, the AJP.
     Put chip manufacturing into a wholly owned Federal government incubator. Make it, grow it and sell it. Made in America. Hurry. Put chip mfg in the WW2 Industrial emergency plan. All in the rust belt states. No it is not nationalizing. It is incubating to produce and will be sold to private later. And for faster results, Put Jaime Dimon in Gov/ Private partnership now. Note; no Foxconn needed. Only nano robotics and American CEO's.
     Covid-19 Eradication. Repeat. Get vaccinated, do not delay.
     The good President. The good President. The good President. The good President. The good President.
     China and more. Foreign policy.
     Education go.
     Cyber Security go.
     Confirmations. Judges. Judges.

     Updates. Updates.