John Blyth

The Democratic Senate with 50 Republican Koch bros Senators

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:20:29 AM | Back to Blygs

     The good Senate. The good Senate.

     All Republican dark monies tsunami. And gee? Where does all of that Republican Senate money laundered $ cash come from? Let's guess. The Russia connections. You guessed it. All Republican dark monies comes from the non paid out 19 Trillion dollars actual cost against all Americans. The opiod mass murders and conspiracy to distribute. Collusions and abuse of powers. U.S. State Attorney Generals, not paid, robbed of the 19 Trillion dollars opiods settlement against all taxpayers. The Nazi Koch bros all Republican Senate settled the opiods mass murders lawsuits for .04 cents on the dollar. Those all Republican dark monies with the Nazi Koch bros all Republican Senate $ money launderings machine. Everyday.  And better add those all Republican corp stock buy backs with all Republican Senate fudged corp PPP monies. Those genuine all Republican tax free hundreds of billions loans never to be repaid. But got the stock, on the cheap. Repeat. A, b, c, d and e.
     Please note; That does not include the 2007 Nazi Koch bros all Republican $ 7 trillion dollar credit default swaps thar recessioned us all bad.
     That does not include the 2017 Nazi Koch bros all Republican Paul Ryan $ 1.9 trillion dollar tax cuts. All Republican Congress given, to the Nazi Koch bros and no one else. Robbed from Medicare and Medicaid. Then put it all on the National debt for negative triple reverse completing U.S.ruinations against us. To kill us all in every vile ways and means.
     And soo..... you may want to see that again. Your all Republican Senate $ laundering machine. In your short lifetime. With your own eyes. 19 + 7 + 1.9 Trillion dollars $ Nazi Koch bros robbed from us.
     No. That does not include the current $ 21 Trillion dollar costs of the Drumf all Republican Nazi Koch bros Senate mass murders Plague against us. Repeat. And no, that does not include the all Republican assaults against U.S. Healthcare since Grover NRA Norquist 1980. Up your racketeering all Republican Senate protected NRA. Repeat. Up, up, up your all Republican NRA.
     Do you see your all Republican $ Senate now?
     Repeating obstructionists against # 44. Years of all Nazi Koch bros Seditionist Caucus Republicans. Do remember your all Republican Sentae holding us all hostage repeatedly over the the debt cieling and closing the U.S Government repeatingly to rob us all endlessy.
     Here is the biggy U of C economists have never proclaimed nor declared in writings, examples analogies, practice, nor principles and extended practices therof.
     Proft margins of all American businesses have been robbed to death in every industry and sectors by the Nazi Koch bros all Republican party 1 % over the last 70 years. The monopolies, now cartels Corp 1% business model is to rob your profit margins now or be wiped out completely now. Which will it be. Nazi serfdom or death. The difference being, all of the stolen profit margins went to the 1%. And the Nazi 1% killed them all anyway. Singer, American Motors, Small Mfg's and on and on. All Republican Senate approved and repeating ever faster. No changes and no Nazi charges, all Republican Senate never.