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     Criminal fraud. When Ole' whats his face killed the economy, that killed the tax base. Nobody talks about that massive all Republican criminal tax theft. or the 19 Trillion dollar cost against us. Bad numb'ers. Poison. Enablers, repeat. That 1.2% all Republican GDP. The all criminal Republican 1.7 Trillion dollar tax cut for the Nazi Koch bros by Paul Ryan with Grover NRA Norquist. That triple reverse nagative spiral against us. Legacy criminal Republicans like this. 560,000 all Republican Senate dead people everywhere. Not only vaccums against us, but a black hole. All Republican jobs killers. Repeat, repeat. Uglier. Everyday. Freaks for it all. Chaos with anarchy. Repeat. All Republican child abusers. Kids. Republicans pay no price, nothing, ever. That Moscow spy Library.

     Authoritarian Brazil diasaster. Pals like this.
     India. Pals like that.