John Blyth

RGA States with ALEC. All Koch bros owned and controlled.

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     The good Senate with the good Congress. The good Senate. Hark. Hark.

     14.3. Right-winf extremistss like that. Manhattan. The DOJ or CongressThe Russia connections. Joy killers. Next. Sifty and rifty. Radicals getting Right-wing extremist worse. Completely out of conrtol. Twits and frauds, icky. Freaks like this, total Right-wing extremist trash. Legacy criminal Nazi Koch bros Republican Congress. Legacy destructions.

     The all Republican Nazi Koch bros assault against against all Americans everywhere. Robbing Federal Aid. Closing Social Security Offices. All Republican robbing access to all government programs. Then, the all Republican Senate not funding roads, bridges and nothing else, ever. These are all heavily coordinated Nazi Koch bros RGA wit ALEC terrorisms against us. There is nothing random here nor there. These are all completely targeted insider Nazi Koch bros spies to defraud America in every vile ways and means. And it is massive. Ever larger and repeating much faster everyday. It must be stoped and brought to justice, one time, all time, now. All of Nazi it. Nothing accidental nor happenstance. Sabotage with treacheries. Repeat. Ruinations of States by all Republican RGA with ALEC willful failures with malice for all..Repeat. These are concerted, all Nazi Koch bros orchestrated willful crimes against us to kill America. Endlessly. Florida RGA gov rewrote the state of Florida computers acccess in Florida to deny all Florida residents of any unemployment benefits with Florida ALEC. RGA with ALEC, Nazi Koch bros worst practices in every state. Unemployment offices in every State closed state offices and everything else, killed, then criminally closed to deny all access. And do not forget that massive State lottery new out of state, London, vendor double the price of tickets vendor kickbacks for life RGA scam there. All on going. The killing of America by the Nazi Koch bros. RGA govs with ALEC do serious sabotage with treacheries. Republicans killing healthcare and institutions continues now. MBA's vs Doctors. Jobs killer Republicans. Hospitals and healthcare provider clinics all Republican closed, all over the country. They all worked fine until the all Republican Senate Plague. In many ways the same as the $15 per hour lag and drag. The Post Office Dejoy everyday crimes too. All with criminal Nazi spy malice intent.

     What do you call the all Republican Senate now? The Nazi Koch bros cartel. Endless grievance. Failure. 1/2 Million all Republican Senate dead people everywhere.Five Hundred Thouasand all Republican Nazi Koch bros Senate dead people everywhere. That all Republican failure response. Your Texas all Republican everythang. Repeat. On paid vacation, $87 dollars per hour, 24/7. The failed state of Texas is dreadful. Repeat. Out of state taxpayers get all of Texas bills to pay. That is so wrong. The federal government now does what the Texas governor with ALEC would not do. Now the good President will sign a major disaster declaration for Texas. Gross Texas gov with ALEC criminal negligence. Never had to happen. All foreknown. All avoidable and all criminal RGA with ALEC  negligent for decades. Why does the Texas failed governance get paid for freezing cruelties against citizens? Citizen miseries and no food nor water either? Repeat. Horrible. That all Republican Texas governor with ALEC response. The RGA with ALEC squandered Texas real bad. The bigly Texas exodus is on. Elected officials tore up Texas real bad. Bad, real bad. The Texas gov with ALEC got paid for that. Awful. That bigly Texas mess that never had to all Republican happen. Treacherous sabotage by Texas elected officials and that all Republican response. Price gougers. The Texas total decent into ruin. See more. Democats need to primary the Texas governor heavily. Democrats need to primary the entire State of Texas legislature, bigly. The state of Texas needs all new blood.

     All terrorism. The hostile Nazi takover of the RGA with ALEC. 7 Decades of the Nazi Koch bros scorched earth policies of hate for hell against us. The JBS since 1950. Georgia. 35 States. The Nazi Koch bros will stop at nothing to destroy America. Virginia. And that all Republican response.
     We know the Nazi Koch bros completely obliterated the national response to the all Republican Senate Plague. And the total jerk fraud admin aided and abetted it all to multiply mass murders against us by handing off the bigly Koch Plague to the RGA with their legislatures (ALEC) to resolve. The RGA with ALEC Plague response aided and abetted far more needless deaths that never had to all Republican happen. That terrorist Nazi Koch bros response now. Empiracal data. Responses.
     Yikes. The completely owned and strictly controlled Nazi Koch bros RGA, 2021. Now targeting voter supressions and much dirty more in MI. WI. PA. The RNC. AZ GA. Florida. Texas and more. The Thomas hofeller ifles. Gerry manderings. Jim Crow. And all Nazi Koch bros criminal sabotage with treacheries more.

     Right wing extremist Texas is total RGA with ALEC Nazi Koch bros disaster. Until you understand the Nazi Koch bros are all about death and failures there are no changes. Cruelties. That all Republican response. Bigly RGA with ALEC Texas failures and cruelties. Texas is losing 3 Billlion dollars a day. Only savage cruelties with miseries all Nazi Koch bros death cult induced. Major damage caused by the all failed elected Texas state governace. Long term savage damage against the good citizens of Texas. Horrible. Total Texas governor with ALEC failures for at least a generation. Texas state government total failures will repeat. Remove the bigly savage Texas governor with ALEC failures. All of 'em. Terrible. Texas is in savage ruin by the governor and ALEC. 50 Billion savage dollars of damage done to Texans by state gevernance negligence and gross incompetance. Never had to all Republican savage happen. None of it. Mexico and more. The entire state of Texas is completely all Republican ruined. Repeat. Savaged real bad. Austin, Texas. Plain ans simple. Total Texas Governor with ALEC collapse failure. Texas ruination by the governor with the Texas legislature.

     So wrong. Why does the savage Texas governor with the Texas legislature get paid for all Texas failures. The federa government is doing all the jobs the Texas elected governor and the Texas legislature would not do and will not do. Repeat. The largest power outage in U.S. history. Texas,2021. Now, forever known as, hurricane Abbott,- ALEC Catastrophic 5. Yikes. Never had to all Republican savage governor wiith ALEC happen. None of it. Horrifying Texas. Total Texas failure of State governance. Remove the governor and all of ALEC now. The savaged Texas state of the state. Awful. And you guessed it. Criminal. The governor of Texas with the all Texas legislature gave all those electric bills to the citizens they cruely abused to freezing deaths. All the while, Pals of the governor (ENRON) gouged everyone in Texas to death, extortions. Whew.

     The Nazi Koch bros all Republican Texas governor with ALEC assault against climate change continues now, ever uglier. Repeat. Texas mess. Savage. The Texas governor with ALEC beat the snot out of all it's citizens with savage repeat freezings, no water, no food, killed them and billed them. Brutal. The little ones and granny too. Then they destroyed everone's homes, broke their pipes and left them all to go fix it their citizen selves with no pipes nor parts. Cruel Texas Nazi Koch bros serfdom, water everywhere, not a drop to drink. And the all Republican response, terrorist poison us all to death. Repeat. That all new swamp of Texas. The RGA with ALEC pay no price, nothing, ever. And the Texas governor got paid, ALEC too. Total Texas disaster. Everyone else got all State of Texas Republican robbed, frozen, billed, and left in hydra-waste, not paid for, personal disaster zone, soon to be condemned homes. Savage. That bigly state of Texas massive home owners  defaults against banks statewide by people who can not live in total state of Texas Nazi Koch bros serfdom, hydra-waste squalors. The new S & P state of Texas bond ratings are in the toilet if they ever work again. And the new state of Texas all junk Texas bonds are suject to the state of Texas spending 90% of the 13 billion dollars snowy day fund on residential home restorations first, then business, then commercial. That does not include all of the condemned houses and buildings the state of Texas must now pay to tear dowm. Nor, does it include the cost of housing shortages statewide That certainly does not include the other 37 Billion dollar home wreckages, Texas dollars state of Texas unsecured debt, disaster driven by the Texas all failed governor with ALEC. The largest power outage in U.S. history, 2021. Now, forever known as hurricane Abbott - ALEC, Catastrophic 5. Brutal. As Texas is losing 3 billion dollars in revenue every governor of Texas with ALEC day. All Texas citizen deaths and miseries, long term damage, pains with sufferings there. Awful and brutal against Moms. All Republican state of disaster Texas governor with ALEC like that. Never had to all Republican disaster state of Texas happen. None of it. Completely avoidable, repeat for decades. Your all Republican governor with ALEC made it all criminally negligent happen. Everyone in Texas pays bigly and badly, except the all Republican Nazi Koch bros Texas governor and ALEC.