John Blyth

RGA States with ALEC. All Koch bros owned and controlled.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:25:44 AM | Back to Blygs

     Gross criminal negligence. Criminal. That failed Texas state. The Texas RGA with ALEC wholly owned by the Nazi Koch bros. Criminal Right-wing extremists. What do they get paid for? Criminals like this. Horrifying. The Nazi Koch bros all Republican assault against America intesifies. All Nazi criminal ugly in your state. Frozen to death. The Russia connections. The Nazi Koch bros connections. Total failure RGA Texas with ALEC. All Texas RGA with ALEC must resign now.

     The Nazi Koch bros has begun testing the good president with humanitarian and health crisis. All Nazi Koch bros man made and never had to Plague us to deaths happen. None of Nazi it. Total Texas governor with ALEC failures. Repeat. All the while, the Nazi Koch bros are cashing in on their heavily monoplolized and indeed cartel markets everywhere. Repeat for criminal decades. There is no free market Grover NRA Norquist Libertarian market. Only decades of Nazi Koch bros criminally induced markets and all derivatived thereof and within. Landman Nazi Koch bros RGA with ALEC repeat in every RGA state.

     Yes we all remember the Nazi Koch bros slamm killing of all electricity grids nationwide in 2009. Permanent and final. Completely Senate and scotus killed in every way across all markets and all State governments nationwide. Quite the feat. And absolute nihlism. Utah Orin Hatch and all Republican Senate utters with scotus. Tore the U.S. Electric grid all to shreds. Send in those all Republican Texas Landman jurist Senators. They will fix it. Derelict deserters like that. Repeat. repeat, repeat. Texas Senators like this. Austin, Texas. Fooey and freak

     Still in Texas there is plenty to grizzly watch. Major long term damge by failed government. Texas has an outsized large Nazi Koch bros # of judges. No, not for the state nor the fed, all for the Nazi Koch bros and nothing else. And so, when the onslaught of RGA with ALEC wrongful frozen death suits and utter Nazi cruelties fly across Texas, they will all be summarily dismissed by Koch bros judges statewide and in every county. All with no recourse. Cartel closed and no mention of the Energy intense Nazi Koch bros ever.

     Let us not forget who started this bigly and badly mess. It was and is the Nazi Koch bros global pollutions everywhere. But, perhaps, the nazi worst of pollutions in Texas and LA. For 7 decades. There is no doubt. Pollute with impunity for life and have state and Senate governance kill it all before it can reach public outcry. 7 Decades of massive all Republican fraud, racketeerings and protectionisms. All criminal. The Nazi Koch bros total Texas electric cartel disaster. Criminal, criminal, criminal. The Nazi Koch bros Cartel, perfect Texas storm, to RGA with ALEC kill Texas. Who will save Texas? Not the RGA, not ALEC, not the NRA and certainly not the new businesses that have relocated to all failed Texas. What will be Nazi Koch bros next? You guessed it. More Nazi Koch bros Texas cruelties and deaths.

     The Texas RGA with ALEC criminally crippled the state with malice for all. Texas cruelties. Never had to RGA with ALEC happen. Texas doe. Nazi Koch bros short sell. Energy update. Total Governor with ALEC statewide failures. Texas misery. All forewarned. Major governor with ALEC damage statewide. Never had to Texas government failures happen. Disaster management from the inside. Horrifying. Criminal failures. Texas. Texas. Texas.
     Florida RGA with ALEC.

     Remove the Texas governor and his administration now. Emergency. The entire Texas legislature must be removed now. Emergency. Gross failed state of Texas governance incompetancy must be removed now. Do not wait. Do not hesitate. There is no time for elections. Install the new emergency Governor Beto O Rourke of Texas now. Get control of the situation. Do not allow criminal failures to kill Texas endlessly. Or. Let the good President send in a new governor and admin today. Do not delay. People are dying in Texas. Remove the waste that made it all criminal Nazi happen and continues to kill all of Texas. Do it now. Hurry.

     Four years of all Republican Plague. 19 Trillion dollars. Cult Right-wing extremists and no, it is not over. Repeat. Wretched. Lackey bustouts. Prescription Rx drug addicts for ole' snaggleface.