John Blyth

RGA States with ALEC. All Koch bros owned and controlled.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:13:52 AM | Back to Blygs

     Texas and the Nazi Koch bros assault against America. Texas. O'h, what is that? The Nazi Koch bros cult state. Rob your health insuance, kill the healthcare providers and freeze everyone to death. Texas.  Another health and humanitarian crisis. You betcha. No ovens required. No water either. Texas. Who is in charge there? Dereilict deserters. TX and more. TX. TX. TX. Total Texas failures. All forewarned. Totally criminal derelict negligence and desertions by the governor and his henchmen ALEC. 7 Decades of the Nazi Koch bros. Add that to the Nazi Koch bros Drumf Plague Texas. Your state. Yikes. Texas disaster. Horrifying. Texas RGA with ALEC climate matters. Repeat. Freezing to deaths. Never had to happen. None of it. Massive wrongful death suits against the Texas Governor and all of ALEC, all over Texas. Your all Republican Governors Associaton with ALEC. Awful. Tremendous Texas governance failures. Rick doe Perry scat. Freezing to death in Texas, the Nazi Koch bros are never landman mentioned. Horrible. That  bigly Texas mess. Watch and call lawyers.

     Updates. Updates.

     14.3. Legacies. Jobs killers. Trash. Repeat. Suckers and losers. Death of a Rx junkie. That genuine verrnacular there.