John Blyth

Your Drumflican Impeached for life mass murderers, Drumf 2.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:19:36 AM | Back to Blygs

     Impeached for life 2wice. All of 'em. Drumf was never presdient, only unfit, inelligible and a total fraud every Drumf day. $ 225 Million dollar total con man fraud Drumf in the lead up to the all criminal Drumf insurrection against the Capitol. That Drumf fraud bigly $ cash timeline needs to be dovetailed into the new criminal Drumf commission. Make Drumf Rich Again. It was all for the Drumf money. Repeat. Beware the Drumf. Deadly Drumf. Legacy Drumf Pals like this. Criminal Drumf. Louse Drumflican rot.

     Let us all refrain from Right-wing extremist Drumflicans. Yikes. Drumflicans jobs killers legacy. Real damage. Sadist Drumf. Drumflicans like that. & Drumflicans like this. Right-wing extremists. The party of Drumf. Horrifying. Drumflicans. Repeat. That Drumflican bigly mess. Drumf is thilled. The Russia connections. See Drumf there. Guilty like a mug. Guilty Drumf spies. We'll uh, just call him mugsey Drumf. Postal Drumf. And the desperate embrace of fl, mo, ar, tx and Drumd extremist more. That genuine Drumf vernacular there. All gone now.

     Pennsylvania. The Nazi Koch bros wholly owned and strictly controlled RGA with ALEC. Repeat. North Carolina and more. NC.

     Swamp monster Nazi Koch bros pipelines. Pals of Drumf.

     Central African Republic Drumf.