John Blyth

Your Drumflican Impeached for life mass murderers, Drumf 2.

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     The 2nd Drumf Impeachment, 2021. Day 5. Verdict Day.

     See the 2nd Drumf Impeachment, 2021. Day 5. Verdict Day, all here.

     Day 5. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. Listen here

     Yikes. Twisted Drumf. There will be witnesses. The trial will not end today. Lot's of new witnesses. Drumf. Pence. Grover NRA Norquist. Bannon. Flynn. The cos. DeJoy. The entire Drumf Admin, past and present.. And many Republicans more. Georgia and more. Republicans like this. Convict and disqualify them all. Giggles, doodles and slop. Drumflicans are on trial, all of 'em. Drumf Republicans are thrilled. Subpeonas will fly. Bigly and badly. Total loser Drumf failures. Repeat. There is Drumf now. Drumf terrorisms against us. Thrilling Drumf. Drumf is so thrilled. Fire pants Drumf. Convict and disqualify all terrorists, all of 'em. Yikes. Nobody knows what to expect next. Witnesses are always called by the Senate. It could take all day to sort out this all Republican bigly Drumf mess. All Republican Drumf. Sadist Drumf Republicans terrorists are all on trial now.  Drumf loves a disaster. Drumf is tremendously thilled for witnesses. More than 100 new Drumf witnesses. Drumf witnesses. Chritopher C. dod Miller. The former dhs deserter. The cdc. and etc....... 482,000  all Republican Drumf Plague dead people everywhere.
     Now, recess until 12:30. Now the trial begins, but with no witnesses.
     Final arguements begin with the House Managaers leading. Drumf intervened in the chain of command to further more deaths and chaos. And continued for hours, days. The criminal damage was all Drumf done.
     And then, Drumf handed out hydroxachloraquine to all Republicans everywhere, you guessed it. Your all Republican Demagogue lawless Drumf respsonse. Cool aid for everyone. Criminals for Drumf. It should be completely stricken from the record, convicted and all thrown in jail. The absolute criminal fraud trash of it all. Disgusting. Drumfers like that.
     Then Raskin.
     The vote.
     The crime is article of impeachment read into the the trial. Convict Drumf now.  But no and the Drumf Republicans Nazi Koch bros Senate let Drumf go again, to kill us all in every vile poison us ways of hell.
     57 to 43. Drumf is all Republican Naiz Koch bros Senate crimianlly aquitted, again.
     The Senate is ajourned. The trial is over.

     Now we await the Congressional Investigations into the Drumf  desertions and derelict, response. The all Drumflican Seditionist Confederates and so much more. The treacherous all Drumflican Nazi Koch bros Senate terrorist party.