John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:42:51 AM | Back to Blygs

     Drumf criminal sabotage with treachery. Drumf Republicans sent thousands of Drumf Confederates to lynch mob the Capitol and then the criminal Republican Drumf Admin did everything possible to extend the Capitol violence into Capitol murders. Sadist Drumf. All Republican treachery. Repeat. Drumf Republican terrorists. Seditionists all. The Russia connections. Enterprising all Republican Drumf Confederacy. Loser Drumf. Mass murderer Drumf with the all Republican Senate. There is the bigly Drumf now. 377,000 Drumf Plague dead peole everywhere. Drumf spies lies and horrids. Loser Drumf. Total failure and disaster Drumf perfidy Pence with Steve hate us all Bannon. Criminal Drumf everywhere. Super spreader public enemy heal menace Drumfs, Republicans like that. Right-wing extremist kooks. Drumf is in Texas now super spreading it all Drumf ugly. Criminal sadist Drumf. After Drumf delayed the vaccines for months causing thousands more to needlessly die henious Drumf Plague. Thousands died in Texas from Drumf. Horrifying. And the RGA with ALEC there. Moran, the Mexicans paid nothing and we all got Drumf robbed. There is Drumf now. Super spreading public health enemy Drumf.Yikes. There is death man Drumf again. Dangerous Drumf. Drumf will be Impeached bigly and badly. All Drumf ugly. Thrilling Drumf.

     Drumf creature failure and disaster. Let it all happen, sos. Retaliation.Tribute to the Nazi Koch bros lacky sycophants desecrated sos, Kansas China connections there and all Drumf ugly with the doc. Up your all Republican sos. Incitements to create wars worldwide Sos Republican Koch bros iron fisted control. The Nazi Koch bros for 7 decades. Never charged. Ever. 

     The criminal Drumf regime. Warning. Dangerous Drumf Confederates. Warning. Dangerous Drumf criminals. Drumf Pals like this. Warning. Criminal Drumfs like that. Now. Criminal Sedition charges are being filed against Drumf Confederartes. Drumf Confederates will all get 20 years in jail.

     Do not forget those espionage massive Russia Drrumf cybercrimes that lasted for 9 months to move the new Drumf library into moscow.

     Cuba Yemen Drumf.
     Criminal Drumf.
     China Drumf connections. Traitor Drumf sold us all out real bad.