John Blyth

The Real Congress and all of the things your Republican Congress would not do for U.S.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:25:30 AM | Back to Blygs

     The good Congress. The good Congress. The good Congress.      The good Congress. The good Congress. The good Congress. The good Congress. The good Congress. Incitement on Insurection. All Republican Drumf terrorism. Super spreader criminal Drumfs. The good Congress. The good Congress. Heroes. Now is the time and the time is now. The good Congress should wait for nothing. Perfidy Pence is utterly worthless. There is nothing to wait for.


     Treason. The all Republican criminal Drumf response. Sabotage with maliciouse hate for all by your all Republican house, senate and Drumf admin. Domstic terrorism. Blocking the 25th, shielding perfidy Pence, aiding and abetting ever more violent dangerous Drumf. Your all Republica house and Senate made it all happen and keep it all repeating treason everyday in every vile way. Repeat. Awful criminals for decades. The Nazi Koch bros are thrilled. Grover NRA Norquist with Steve Bannon do curtseys. Drumf ugly. Criminals, criminal, criminal. The all criminal Drumf Republican house and Senate Confederacy with the NRA are planning riots at all 50 State Capitols. DC and more. Yikes. Warning, warning, warning. Grover NRA Norquist Right- wing extremists are coming. Your all Republican party of Drumf house and senate Drumf Confederacy. All criminals all the time. Seditionist traitor Republicans, Drumf treacheries and sabotages everywhere. All will be held accountable in Mongomery, Alabama Federal Court. Republican criminals like that.