John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:26:29 AM | Back to Blygs

     The all Republican Drumf regime. Terrorisms. Criminal Drumf traitors all. Treasons. Drumf sabotage with treachery, the Nazi Koch bros cos personnel there. Derilict deserter Drumf. The Drumf China vaccums aginst us and Drumf got paid in Saudi Arabia. AWOL Drumf never looked back, ever. All Republican Drumf frauds. Look for ever more Drumf treacheries aginst us everyday. Super spreader Drumf. Sadist Drumf is criminally thrilled. Economy killer Drumf Republicans want hard core, long term, pains and sufferings against us, in every vile way. The Drumf effect with that ever ugly all Nazi Republican Drumf response. All Republican sabotage, cos Drumf treachery. To all Republican criminally defraud America in every vile way.

     Loser Drumf. The raging Drumf Plague. Criminal Drumf Republicans killing America. War crimes. Your all Republican party of Drumf mass murderers. 2020. Crimes against humanity. Desperately dangerous Drumf. Repeat. The Drumf effect. All Drumf Republican ugly and never had to criminal Drumf happen. Total louse, loser Drumf. Awful Drumf. There is Drumf now. Yuck. That Drumf effect. Yuck. Good riddance. Drumf grief. Infidel Drumf Republicans Nazied us real bad and scat to Saudi Arabia. Drumf Republicans Nazi butchered this country horrible. Mass murderer Drumf. Impeached for life Drumf. Sinister confederate Drumf. Impeached for life Senate Republicans. Republicans at the beckoning with the Drumf of justice. All Drumf abuse of powers with your all Republican party of Drumf obstructions of justice. Treason and sabotage every criminal Drumf day with malice for all.

     Loser Drumf. Total criminal fraud Drumf. Never to return and never again. 2024 all Republican trash. The Nazi Koch bros very owned. There will be no Drumf confederacy, no myth, no lore and no tale. Only Montgomery, Alabama Federal Court and massive sentencings there. Fore, alas, there will be no Drumf Library and no Drumf anything 45 else. No secret service after, no federal anything but court. Drumf is complete criminal XXX deserter dishonorable discharge waste. No right nor priviledges apply.  No confederate Drumf statues, nothing. No federal funeral, no nothing. Drumf will be buried next to Osama Bin Laden for all to see.

     Loser Drumf. There is criminal mass murderer Drumf now. 255,000 Drumf Plague dead people everywhere. The Russia connections. Loser Drumf. Super spreader Drumf Republicans like this. To all Republican kill America, all for the nazi Koch bros. Criminal Drumf could not care less.

     Drumf taxes. Yuck. Loser Drumf. Drumf Chinese spies, lies and horrids. See the fibth floor of Drumf Tower, NY for all money launderings there, the RNC too. Grover NRA Norquist and Bill diss Barr, that Drumf on justice. Repeat.

     Climate Justice Fund. The Koch bros drownings. All Republican swamp monsters. The Nazi Koch bros new world odor.

     Azerbaijan. Afghanistan sos.
     Venezuela. Brazil.
     Canada. Canada.
     Iran Drumf sos. IAEA Drumf. Egypt.
     Ethiopia. South Africa. Uganda. Africa.
     The G-20. Infidel Drumf. Wil infidell Drumf desert and defect to Russia from there? Disgusting infidel, pimp job, fraud Drumf. Get over here Barbara. Drumf wore his con man fraud pajamas and Drumf is thrilled.