John Blyth

The Real Congress and all of the things your Republican Congress would not do for U.S.

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     The good Congress. vs. Drumf Confederate regime sabotage. The violent homicide, mass murders of the federal government. Total treason, the Nazification of the Confederate Drumf regime, by and for the Nazi Koch bros. And as such, more Drumf Plague deaths, that never had to all Republican Drumf happen. Drumf Nazi Confederates blew up the Heroes Act, 2020. All arson. All terrorism. Far worse than Beirut. The deadly all Republican Drumf response. Drumf Nazi Republicans killed all of or good Healthcare Herores. That deadly all Republican criminal Drumf response. Repeat. The all Republican party of Drumf humanitarian crisis against us. Nazi Koch bros Republicans pay no price, nothing, we get death with all the bills to pay. All criminal Republican Drumf Confederacy repeat for 11 Drumf Plague months. And now, the new all Republican cos forced government shutdown, 2020. All criminal Republican thievage. Horrifying Drumf Republicans.  Mass murdered the Heroes act. Gruesome. Republicans do not care at all. The all Republican savage butchery of us all. Henious axe murderer Republicans. Never had to criminal Nazi Koch bros all Republican happen. Carnage.

     For whom the bells toll. And that would be all of us. Cold criminal Nazis. Only Nazi serfdom remains.
     The Nazi Koch bros rule of the swamp. 
     The Nazi Koch bros all Republican Senate will not do their jobs. Your all Republican Congress criminals same.
     By not doing their jobs the Nazi Koch bros all Republican criminal Senate has deserted us and thus has made all costs thereof and therein payable by all broke states. Again and again and again. Repeat till Nazi death. Grover NRA Norquist does a curtsey.
     All in the Nazi knowings, states can not do what the federal government should do.
     The Nazi Koch bros have broken every state in violent irrepairable ways. The states law says they must have a balance budget. Thus massive state layoffs in every City and State. That was and is the Nazi kill all jobs intent. That was and is the all Nazi intent, to kill all government. Thus criminal run free. It is no crime if you do not get caught and all Nazi judges will see to that in the end.
     The Nazi Koch bros create the humanitarian crisis, wars and famine, Drumf Plagues and scat. Everytime, everywhere, repeat. No society can pay for it all and total collapse with ruination.
     The Nazi Koch bros pay no price, nothing, ever. The all Republican Nazi Koch bros Senate does all the Nazi Koch bros dirty work crimes against humanity and we get all the Drumf Plague death bills to pay. Repeat. The iraq War. The credit default swaps and on and on crimes.
     The Nazi Koch bros are the problem. Montgomery, Alabama culling all Nazi Koch bros party of Drumf criminals for the last 7 decades. War crimes. Mass murders endlessly. Crimes against humanity.
     End the Nazi Koch bros all Republican party of criminal Drumf today.