John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:29:24 AM | Back to Blygs

     Poison us all Drumf. The Russia connections. Sadist Drumf Republicans. 250,000 Drumf Plague dead people everywhere. Horrifying mass muders against us. Drumf Republicans do not care at all. The all criminal Drumf purgings continue now. Repeat, repeat. The all criminal Drumf regime. Total loser Drumf. Deserter and mass murderer, Drumf. Drumf terrorisms. Super spreader Drumf. Everyday. Criminal Drumf Republicans. Drumf creatures twit. Killer Drumf.

     1. Drumf has robbed and killed millions of jobs and families.
     2. Drumf has robbed and killed millions of businesses. Never to return.
     3. Drumf has robbed and destroyed every childs education with malice for all. Permanent damage, long term. Criminal sadist Drumf does not care.
     4. Drumf has destroyed all of our good allies against our will.
     5. Spy Drumf. Bill diss Barr. Drumf personnel was all ditch and ghetto Republicans. Right-wing extremists. Drumf Republicans robbed all of our good cities and states to death repeatingly. All scum. Boogaloo pals of Drumf like that. Yikes. All Drumf Right- wing extremists repeat. Never had to happen nationwide.
     6. Vaccums against us Drumf was all for Drumfs China connections and Drumfs Russia connections.
     7. Drumf did all he could to sabotage our good Military and U.S. personnel everywhere and in every traitor treacherous vile ways. Drumf tortured the Post Office. Then Drumf unleashed the all criminal Republican Drumf Plague against us.
     8. Drumf killed the economy and us in every state. Drumf robbed all of our good farmers with his failed Drumf China trade wars and then robbed the treasury to illicitly taxpayer bailout the farmer adding it all to the Drumf deficit.
     9. Drumf Paul Ryan Republicans robbed the treasury of Medicare & Medicaid to give the Nazi Koch bros 1.7 Trillion dollars. Then Drumf doomed the economy with, maybe 1.9% gdp. But really far lower than that and swelled the national deficit to leave no child a dime ever. Those Russia connections. criminal Drumf.
     10. Treason Drumf. Every deserter criminal day. Your treacherous all Republican Senate made it all happen deaths against us.

     Thailand. China Drumf. Myanmar Drumf. Asia criminal Drumf.
     NATO Drumf. Criminal Drumf.
     Iran Drumf.