John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

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     219,000 Drumf Plague dead people everywhere. Drain the Drumf swamp. The Russia connections. Awful Drumf Republican response. Sadist Drumf Republicans. Anti science Grover NRA Norquist and Drumf packing federal science advisory boards for decades to come. Total fraud Drumf.

     Economy killer Drumf Republicans. To kill the Heroes Act in every vile Drumf Impeached for life Republican Senate Nazi Koch bros cos way. Spy Drumf. Yikes. Horrifying. All Drumf Republican traitors with treachery, for decades. No changes. To Nazi Koch bros, cos, all Republican Senate kill Americans. Do not forget that Drumf Nazi Koch bros 16 Trillion dollar cost of the Drumf Plague for unjust 8 months, which Larry Drumf fraud Kudlow equals 90% of gdp Drumf nazi Koch bros robbed, so far, this nazi year. Nazi Koch bros Republicans pay no price, nothing, ever. We get robbed to death and leave no child a dime. Yikes. Drumf fans are thrilled. Horrifying. All Republican for the Nazi Koch bros, to kill America, repeat. Everyday. All Drumf cos Cares Act and Drumf is thrilled. Crimes against America. Criminal Drumf cos Republicans are racing to kill us all in ever more nasty ways now. The criminal Drumf crime factory in the Drumf swamp. And now, anything left undone, the Nazi Koch bros scotus will do unto you. Bigly and badly. Drumf Nazi ugly. Drumf is sadist thrilled. The jobs killer Drumf Admin will all Republican greed kill us all. Only Nazi Koch bros new world odors serfdom remains.

     Drumf Right Wing Extremists. Pals of Drumf. Drumf is the criminal menace. Dangerous Drumf. Total losers. The all criminal Drumf Lawyers are all up in that RNC mess. Republican trash. Treason, domestic terrorisms, conspiacy  and collusions to riot against America. Five time and lifetime deserter Drumf repeat. Completely un-american Drumf Grover NRA Norquist, sos. Right Wing Extremist criminal menace Drumf. Putin is thrilled. Get a muzzle on that freak muzzlinni. No scandal there, none. Only total loser Drumf. Freaky Drumf spies and getting wierder every Drumf Russia day. Drumf spies, lies and horrids. Putin Drumf connections.
1. Joe Biden, the good citizen.             And the bad Drumf. Ugly Drumf.
    2. Civility.                                              Criminal mass murderer Drumf.
    3. Decency.                                          Spy Drumf lies and horrids.
    4. Inclusiveness.                                  Whack job allienation.
    5. Law and order.                                 The all Republican Drumf regime. NRA.
    6. Know how experience.                     Wreckless endangerment to all.
    7. The America expierience.                The wrong Drumf.
219, 000 Drumf dead.
    8. The beautiful people.                        Malice for all.
    9. The real America.                             Sadist Drumf Republicans.
Democracy & the American way.   Nazi Koch bros Drumf fascism.

     Swamp monster Drumf. All Drumf Plagues against us. The Nazi Koch bros Drumf scotus is there and will burn us down. Criminal Drumf Republicans burn us all down. Republicans pay no price, nothing ever. The Drumf connections. And it is all Drumf criminal nasty.

     Venezuela Drumf failures. Bolivia. Peru.
     Guinea. Ivory Coast.
UK Spy Boris Drumf. The Russai connections and guess who? No, not the EU. The bishop. And?
     Bangkok, Thailand.
     Putin failures. Afghanistan Drumf.