John Blyth

The 2020 Presidential Election

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:59:10 AM | Back to Blygs

     Vote for Joe Biden. Vote. Vote. Vote. Watch Joe Biden debate tonight. Watch Live here tonight. Vote. Vote. $. Vote. Early voting is on, be a part of it. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote bigly with your masks on. Vote. Vote for Joe Biden.

     218,000 Drumf Plague dead.  IA. IA. CO. NE. NH. Science. SD. Vote. ND. Hawaii. VT. AZ. Maine. TX. NJ. PA. NY. KS. Maryland. Issues. Washington. GA. SC. NC. IL. Illinois. IN. Elections. MI. WI. PA. KY. Ohio. UT. San Francisco, California. NM. GA. SC. Delaware. CT. Miami, Florida. That utter debate,
criminal Drumf. We await the dueling split screens differencias in specialized digital apperatus prose, never seen before. Serious graphic artists only, worldwide. The best split screen live performance. And it better be good. Music too. The best split screen live performance with music. Cancel the Drumf debate and get a muzzle on total loser (muzzlinni) Drumf. Yikes. She has blood in her eyes. Drumf attacks the moderator, again. never had to happen. Repeat. There is mass murderer Drumf now. 218.000 Drumf Plague dead people everywhere. Drumf is thrilled on Russian steroids.

     Scotus, if you gotta. watch Scotus, scoutus. All Drumf Republican swamp Federalist Society slop mess. Scotus. Scotus. The Nazi Koch bros scotus. Yikes. The Nazi Koch bros all Republican Impeached for life Senate trash. Hassa. Do you know what a hassa is Frank. Fiend and fowel, your Drumf Republicans. The Federalist Society. Yikes. All Republican criminalized everythang. D.C. in the swamp.