John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:57:36 AM | Back to Blygs

     218,000 Drumf Plague dead. Criminal public health menace, super spreader Drumf. Horrifying. Nazi Koch bros all Republican RGA with ALEC pre-meditated mass murders for decades.The Russia connections. All Republican. There is Drumf now. Yikes. Run. There is Drumf again. Everybody run for your lives in Maimi and everywhere Drumf else. The Drumf effect is criminally awful. Never had to happen. Drumf Republicans like that. That deadly Drumf effect. Run. The Russia connections. Pals of Drumf. Repeat. Pals of Drumf fraud like this. Spies. Drumf spies, lies and horrids. Hoodlums, Drumf Republicans 1348, henchmen and goons. Those Russia connections. Drumf is thrilled. Putin is thrilled and the Nazi Koch bros re thrilled. Right Wing Extremists all. All Republican vengence with ever more Drumf Plague deaths.

     The Good Congress and the all Republican response. Testing. Failures That Drumf ugly response. All treacherous traitor Republicans. Sadist Drumf Republican cruelties. Repeat. Never had to happen but is all Republican Nazi for the Nazi koch bros. The chief of swamp say's no Republican deal. And your all Republican party of Drumf is readying to kill America in ever more vile ways of deaths against us.  All traitor, all treachery and all Republican Drumf sabotage. Everyday and everytime, Nazi.

     Science, not Drumf. Science, not killer Drumf. Science. Not the Grover NRA Norquist Drumf regime.

     The Barr diss tort and the Drumf resort.

     Economy killer Drumf Republicans. Repeat. Jobs killer Drumf Republicans. Your all Republican party of Drumf nazi koch bros regime likes that. Bigly and badly. There is the Drumf now. Criminal Drumf Republicans destroying our allies. Drumf pays no taxes and Drumf Republicans do not care at all. 2007. U.S. money and banking. Skunk us all Drumf. Manufacturing jobs killer Drumf Republicans. Total Drumf failures repeat.

     Meth swamp monsters.

     France. Europe. France.
     Turkey Drumf.