John Blyth

The 2020 Presidential Election

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:09:31 AM | Back to Blygs

     Vote for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris. Vote. Women. Vote. Independents. Vote. Science States. Vote. Vote the entire Democratic down ticket. Vote. Wha?

     217,000 criminal Drumf Plague dead. The Nazi Koch bros Federalist Society scotus. Drumf Nazi Koch bros Republicans are thrilled. Criminal as all get out. Watch scotus. Heller scotus. Right Wing Extremist scotus. The Nazi Koch bros are thrilled. Horrifying. Awful. Yikes. Scotus, scotus, scotus, scotus, scotus, scotus, scotus. Scotus. Yikes. Scotus, scotus. Scotus. Scotus. Scotus. All tainted and "Ratf**ked" scotus. Better a sharp stick in the eye. The Nazi Koch bros are thrilled. That wink blind Nazi Koch bros one eyed Drumf of justice, all for the new world odor.

     South Carolina and the nation.  IA. AZ. Elections. RI. Florida, the RGA with ALEC for decades. VT. Your Nazi Koch bros Republicans. UT. GA. NM. TX. IL. MI. PA. WI. The FEC and the SEC. OK. CO. CA. Criminal. MT. Oregon. NV. VA. VA. WV. Mass. Elections. Miss. Louisiana. MO. North Carolina. GA. Alabama. CT. Ohio. Maine. TN. Elections. Maryland. Hawaii. Indiana. Florida, AZ, NC, MI, WI and PA. NY. KY Drumf Plague. Delaware. Climate change. NH. Drumf is killing Republicans. KS. South Carolina.