John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:06:16 AM | Back to Blygs

     In the swamp. Drumf never worked 1 minute for us and in fact, Drumf with Republicans did everything criminally possible to aid and abett the Drumf Plague spreading against us. Awful. Sadist criminal XXX Drumf repeat offendors will stop at nothing to bankrupt America. Repeat. There is no debate. Sadist Drumf Republican response to hell. Criminal Drumf perfidy Pence and the Impeached for life Drumf Admin. The Russia connections. Yikes.To kill America in every vile Republican Drumf criminal way. Treacherous trators, all Drumf Republican. Sabotage and deaths every hoodlum Drumf day.  217,000 Drumf Plague dead. Herd immunity is whack job Drumf criminal genocide. Give Drumf the kool aid, not us. Genocide Drumf does not care. Your all Republican party of Drumf Nazi Koch bros regime. Nazi Koch bros Republicans pay no price, nothing, ever. All Republican crimes against humanity and us continues now, unabated and endlessly Drumf Plague deaths. Thrilling Drumf. That Drumf of justice. Drumf failure. This Drumf of justice. Criminal Drumf. Bring diapers, the freaky Drumf show  and bad fruit. No one is going to watch that Drumf trash. Everyone is so done with the all Republican Drumf. Repeat. Total loser Drumf. Total Drumf failures. Kissy face Drumf. Drumf Republicans will stop at nothing to kill us all Drumd ugly.

     The good Congress and that all Republican Drumf response. Your all Republican Nazi Koch bros Right Wing Extremists Senate kill the Heroes Act again and again and again. The good Congress is real and the cos offers swamp water death. Kill the deal to save America, all Republica no, that ugly Drumf brand Republican response everytime, since May. Kill the Heroes Act and Drumf Plague kill us all. Everyday. And it never had to happen. None of it.

     Your all Republican Drumf economy. Criminla hoodlums. Drumf Republicans, all for the Nazi koch bros deadly new world odor. Repeat. And Drumf hiding his deadbeat taxes again via scotus again. All abuse of powers with OoJ. Deadbeat Drumf taxes. Everyday. Economy killer, Business killer Republicans. All willful criminal to kill America.

     Swamp monster Republicans for decades. Repeat. The Drumf Plagues continue now. Ecology. China.

     Nigeria. Sudan.
     Shenzhen, China. Drumf vaccum. Myanmar, the former Burma. Indonesia Drumf.
     Cuba. Mexico Canada. Samoa Drumf.
     Drumf does not care at all. Putin Drumf.
     Germany. The EU. Europe Drumf.