John Blyth

The 2020 Presidential Election

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:51:41 AM | Back to Blygs

     Vote for Joe Biden. Vote. You, US, We. Vote. Vote. Quiz.

     Rock star California. And the nation? Repeat. Voters. Michigan and more. Science, not Drumf Grover NRA Norquist Republicans.

     215,000 Drumf Plague all Republican dead everywhere. The Heroes Act will be defeated by the Nazi Koch bros Senate. That all Republican Grimm Reapers response. Everyday. Criminal un-american Republican ugly. Never had to all Drumf Republican back stabbers happen. Sadist Drumf Republicans have doomed the economy and us for the worst now. And Drumf Republicans have sealed their fate to die at the election, 2020. Sadist Drumf Republicans killed America in every vile way. Americans do not like endless Drumf Republican repeating failures to hell. That nasty Drumf brand is over and out. Nasty. Do not donate to loser Drumf Republicans anywhere. Drumf. Jobs and Business killer Drumf Republicans. Republicans. Economy killer, jobs killer, Drumf Republicans. Repeat. Poison us all  and rob us to death Drumf Republicans.
     But, the Good Congress is still in it to win it. Then, you guessed it. The all Republican Drumf response to kill it all. The chief of swamp is all up in that Drumf ugly Republican mess.Your all Republican party of Drumf makes it all happen Drumf and keeps it all repeating Nazi, for the Nazi Koch bros. Shifty and rifty Republicans. See the all Republican kill America now and pay no price, nothing, ever. The Nazi Koch bros kill all and everything. And remember, treacherous traitor spy Drumf, that Drumf Plague money laundering fool was sent to bankrupt America in every vile way. Those Russia Putin connections. Those Robert Nazi Mercer connections and the Shelly connections. Impeached for life Republicans are going to loose reall bad. Vote the entire Democratic ticket all the way down. 2020.

     Your Republicans Nazi propaganda show for years. All fascist Drumf Nazi Koch bros ugly for decades. The Nazi Koch bros long game with Rx thief addicts, total Nazi frauds. Disgusting. Drumfcare for all and really, just Drumf Plague Republican die. Total loser Drumf Republicans. Repeat. Maine. Michigan Pals of Drumf. Yikes. Drumf is in every Post Office now. PA. Alaska. South Carolina. Republican voter supressions. Criminal Republicans. Right Wing extremists, Drumf is all up in that bigly mess. And Drumf is thrilled.
     Vote for Joe Biden. Kansas. South Carolina. Iowa. PA. Drumf Republicans are being beaten bigly and badly. Drumf is clobbered. Drumf is being stomped on. The RGA with ALEC, Grover NRA Norquist Michigan, Texas, PA  and Ohio. Yikes. Alabama. Virginia. The Sun Belt and more. PA.