John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:48:15 AM | Back to Blygs

     In the swamp. Drumf is having another sponge bath now, duckies and everything. The Russia connections. Disturbing Drumf. Drumf will pardon himself? The Drumf swamp. Then, that Drumf pardon goes to the Nazi Koch bros scotus. Swamp lovers like that. Can perfidy Pence pardon the pardon? Can Joe Biden pardon the pardon? No matter. Drumf will not beat the state of NY. Drumf will not beat his deadbeat taxes. And Drumf will not beat Montgomery, Alabama Federal Nuremberg mass murders against us Court. Crimes against humanity Drumf Republicans. 215,000 Drumf plague all Republican dead everywhere. No pardon there, only Rikers and those genuine Drumf vernaculars. Super spreader Drumf does not care at all. Hundreds more needless Drumf Plague deaths.

     Criminal public enemy health menace total liability Drumf will hold another super spreader event at the Drumf hause that he does not own today. Drumf did not hold the criminal rally on his properties where he could be sued. Those Drumf regime attorneys. Why? It is all for the dark Drumf donor monies. Drumf donors like that. But, Drumf has pulled major campaign monies out of multiple states. Where do those, Drumf foundation, Drumf charity slush funds monies go? Gee, let's Mara-lago autocrat, tin pot dictator, members guess? Tax free, Drumf. Drumf Tower 26'th Felix and or fibth floor China Bank connections. Oh, llc's too. Let us remember Drumf has been money laundering worldwide for over 30 years and is no rookie wannabe. China. India. Russia. Brazil and more. Dangerous Drumf. Poison us all Drumf. Drumf is thrilled. The 2nd Drumf debate was canceled over safety concerns. Rampant Drumf Plague everywhere. Sadist Nazis. There is Drumf now. The enemy within us. Sabotage traitor Drumf. All for the Nazi Koch bros. All Republican Drumf treason. Repeat. Drumf got paid, fat, long and stupid. Paid no taxes and Drumf will pardon himself criminal nasty.
     More criminal anti science Drumf. No changes. Criminal Drumf. Fascist freak Drumf. All Republican criminal cruelties against children. Drumf may pardon himself, leaving all Republican Drumf utters to burn down bigly and badly. Montgomery, Alabama culling all Republicans. Crimes against humanity that never had to Drumf Republican happen and repeat, endlessly. Right Wing Extremist Pals of Drumf Republicans like that must never be allowed to Grover NRA Norquist repeat.

     The Drumf of justice Bill diss Barr sos. No horrors left undone. Drumf vernaculars. The Drumf of justice. Yikes. The Nazi Koch bros scotus, stealing elections. And holler too. Scotus. Scotus. Moscow Mitch Nazi Koch bros Fedralist Society McConnell will stop at nothing to destroy America via scotus for generations to come That Nazi Koch bros leagcy there.

     Afghanistan Drumf. Failure Drumf, sos.
     China India.
     Spain. Germany. UK spy Boris Drumf.