John Blyth

The 2020 Presidential Election

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:44:34 AM | Back to Blygs

     Vote for Joe Biden. Vote for Joe Biden. The Senate. Vote. Fashion. Vote.

     The good Congress. The Heroes Act and that all Republican Grimm Reapers response. Yikes. Doa Nazi Koch bros. No changes since May. Just Drumf Plague die. Sadist Republicans do not care and pay no Nazi price, nothing, ever. The DoT. The Drumf. All Republican Drumf failures. Awful Republicans will not do their jobs. The Good 116'th Congress.
Everything your all Republican party of Drumf Nazi Koch bros regime will not do for us. Vote. The Paul ryan Ayn Rand all Republican war on poverty for Nazi Koch bros decades. Vote. Vote after Drumf messed up foods with his all failed trade wars against farmers and us.

     Texas. Drumf failure. 214,000 Drumf Republican Plague dead everywhere. Texas. Michigan. The Drumf effect. Right Wing Extremists Pals of Drumf. Vote with your mask on. Dangerous Drumf. Tennessee. Akansas. That deadly all Republican Drumf effect. Loser Drumf. Michigan and the nation. Oregon. PA. Freaky Drumf is thrilled. Ohio. Iowa. Drumf failures. Washington. South Carolina. You'll see. The Drumf swamp, you are invited. D.C. Those Republicans. Your Republicans, mother. Louse! It's Drumf.

     Elections, 2020. Elections.