John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:09:36 AM | Back to Blygs

     There is Drumf now. Sadist Drumf Republicans. That all Republican Drumf response. That Drumf brand. Treacherous traitors. The Russia connections. Vagrants like that and that genuine Drumf vernacular thereLoser Drumf. Repeat. The Drumf regime raises the misery index against us every Drumf day. Drumf Republicans have hurt us real bad. Drumf could not care less. Tremendous Drumf continues now. Tremendous Drumf. That criminal Drumf regime. Criminal failure Drumf Plagues. Desrter and thief. It is all Drumf Russia connections collusions.
     Drumf rules by treason. Russiagate. Repeat. Russiagate. This Drumf of justice. Killer Drumf, sure as the NRA guns. The Russia connections. 5 X Deserter Drumf. Science killer Drumf. Drumf is all ugly in the cdc.
     Sadist Drumf. The all criminal Drumf Plague response. Sadist Drumf Republicans. The all Republican Drumf Plague mass murders continue now. Science killer Drumf Republicans. Never had to happen. Drumf Republicans made it all Drumf happen. Willful crimes against humanity with malice. Repeat, endlessly, to kill America in every vile way. Super spreader Drumf Republicans. The criminal Drumf regime is a public health menace and should be banished in every state. Drumf rot. Rancid Drumf. Freak Drumf. Spy Drumf. The all Republican Drumf regime. Total fraud Drumf. Horrifying Drumf. You'll see. XXX repeat offendors all. Tremendous all Republican Drumf fraud and treacheries. Every Republican day. Traitors and thiefs. Do not forget the all Republican fascist assault against Immigration. It never $ money for Republican child abuse stops. Sicko, whack job Drumf.

     The all criminal Drumf payroll tax, to kill Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. All Republican Drumf spies, lies and Grover NRA Norquist. Pals ilke that.

     Drumf in the Post Office. Drumf mail. Never had to Drumf happen. Colorado.

     Bill diss Barr. This Drumf of justice. Those Russia connections. That doj. Repeat. Antifa. Drumf slinging it. The Drumf of justice where you live. Repeat. Crimes against us. This doj.

     Drumf spies, lies and horrids. Drumf is infested with spies. The Russia connections. Nazi Koch bros spies.  Drumf Russia spies. You'll see. Grover NRA Norquist spies. Yikes. Every kind of spies. All Republican. Bill diss Barr and the chief of swamp are thrilled. Drumf spies. Swamp creatures Drumf.

     Swamp monsters. The Drumf Plagues continue now, ever more orange Drumf dangerous. Repeat. Drumf is watching fox news. The doj is there. You know, for a little more gas on the orange Drumf Plagues fire. Drumf Plagues. Yikes. Never had to happen. Drumf with the all Republican party of the Nazi Koch bros made it all happen for 7 decades of hell
     Nazi Koch bros plastics, litter and trash. Nazi crimes against humanity, all for the Nazi Koch bros, Your all Republican Senate has been all up in that Koch mess for decades. Drumf Plagues. Drumf Plagues.
     It is all bad. The Drumf Plagues against us. Very Drumf bad. Orange Drumf terrorisms against us. Everyday. Oregon.The all Republican Drumf response. You guessed it. More Drumf. Legacy Nazi Koch bros Drumf. Henious crimes against humanity, for Republican decades.

     UK Drumf. UK spy Boris.
     The Middle East. Bahrain.
     Latin America Drumf. Say it.