John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

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      Economy killer Drumf. Dreadful Drumf. Economy killer Drumf. Drumf was never a business man. Economy killer Drumf. Drumf was and is a business killer. Economy killer Drumf. Repeat. Economy killer Drumf. There is no art of the deal. Economy killer Drumf. Only, the art of the bigly Drumf con job. Economy killer Drumf. Total fraud Drumf. Jobs killer Drumf. Jobs killer Drumf. Vacation killer Drumf. 150,000 Drumf dead. Do not donate to Drumf Republicans anywhere. 150,000 Drumf dead. Business and jobs killer Drumf. Jobs killer Drumf. Horrifying. Your all Republican party of Drumf Nazi Koch bros regime. To kill America. Drumf terrorisms against us. All of the above are criminal Republican econonmic taxes and sanctions against America by the Nazi Koch bros, That Nazi Koch bros long game. Steve hate us Bannon, Robert Mercer. Shelly and Putin. Criminal spy Drumf is thrilled. The Russia connections. Spy Drumf.

     Jobs killer Drumf Republicans. Criminal Drumf Republican jobs killers. 40% of all jobs nationwide will never return and your all Republican Drumf Congress are who made it all happen death to the economy. Gangsters
. Now Republican Congress wants to rob all safety nets and benefits again, to kill America. Horrifying. And in true Bandito Maigno Drumfo form, Drumf and Republicans robbed us all, then, call all non working citizens bums and dead beats. Awful Drumf Republican business killers. Repeat. 20 republican Koch bros senators vote for no monies to anything or anyone. Nazis. Do not donate to Drumf Republicans anywhere. Yikes. Grover NRA Norquist and Steve hate us all Bannon are thrilled. The crriminal Drumf regime. Repeat. Criminal failure Drumf catastrophies. That nasty orange menace. Deserter and thief Drumf. Yikes, everyday. Freaky Drumf. Not since 1932. Drumf. Sinister treachery. Now Drumf Republicans are robbing 30 million Americans nto death. Drumf sadism. Sabotage. Drumf Republicans do not care at all. Total Nazi Koch bros ruination. Repeat. To all Republican kill America. Sadism and hate. The Nazi Koch bros Drumf regime is thrilled to kill America. The Nazi Koch bros JBS of hate for 7 decades of hell. In every vile way. Willfull criminal Drumf Republicans repeat failures for max pains, sufferings and violent Nazi deaths against us. Everyday.

     Your all Republican party of Drumf. Paid for by the Nazi Koch bros. Drumf does not work for us. Everything about it is, Drumf won't do it, so, kill it. Domestic and foriegn policy. Republicans do not work for us
. Wedge no deal liability shield for Republicans was the precursor to failure. Premeditated failures. Treason tyranny Drumf. Drumf is on paid vacation again now. Anti science Drumf. Golifng and grifting. Meanwhile, Grover NRA Norquist and Steve hate us Bannon are busy. Drumf spies, lies and horrids like that. Rob you big and rob you Drumf ugly. Every Drumf day.

     Steve hate us all, goldman, Bannon, Drumf Republican willfull criminal failed isolationist scorched earth policies of hate against us. The zenith Nazi Koch bros are 7 decades thrilled. And it never had to happen. None ot it. Willfull criminal Nazi Koch bros Republicans intent to kill America. The Nazi Koch bros RGA with ALEC are complicit in it all for Nazi decades. Repeat, every kill us all day. Free ovens. The Nazi Koch bros pay no price, nothing, ever. Endlessly. The Russia Drumf connections. Total Drumf failure. 9-11 All Republican same criminals repeat. Grover NRA Norquist and the Nazi Koch bros all total criminal fraud for deacdes, Libertarain "free market enterprise system.'" All Nazi, all criminal insider tradings for 7 decades and do you see the Nazi Koch bros free money launderings all Republican Congress now? Well? Do ya. 12 million evictions, Drumf real estate with Drumd sadism. Meatloaf Drumf. Criminal Drumf is golfing and grifting now on paid vacation again in spy infested nightmares Mara- lago. The China spy Drumf connections. The Drumf China connections.Grover NRA Norquist does a curtsey for the RGA unemployment systems criminally sabotaged against us for Nazi decades. Especially Florida, but Drumf more. Drumf is Impeached for life, that all Republican party of Drumf criminal Mueller report indictment and much more. 150,000 Drumf dead more. For life. The Drumf Confederacy total criminal fraud. Drumf perfidy Pence. The enemy within us. You know it. Your all Republican Nazi Koch bros party of Drumf. 2020 Drumf ugly. Drumf taxes with Drumf Russia connection spies. Ouchie wa wa. Your all criminal Drumf Nazi Koch bros regime.

     There is no economy until a vaccine.

     150,000 Drumf dead. The Drumf Plague continues now. Yikes. Parents. Criminal Drumf. Data killer Drumf. Republicans do not care at all. Do not donate to Drumf Republicans anywhere. Repeat. Your all Republican criminal Drumf regime. The Drumf Plague and that all Repubican Drumf response.

     There is Drumf now. Spy Drumf. The criminal Drumf regime will stop at nothing to Drumf Plague kill us all. Drumf sabotage and treachery at every Drumf ugly turn. Lurking. Yikes. The Drumf regime. Sinister. The Nazi Koch bros all Republican party of Drumf. Sinister like a mug. Republicans like this and Republicans like that. Your Republicans. Masks. Yikes and hooey too. Criminal failure Drumf catastrophies. That deadly Drumf brand Republican response. Repeat. Criminal Drumf Republicans.

     Willfull Criminal Drumf Republicans. Horrifying. The 2020 all Republican Drumf Plague that never had to happen. Drumf Republicans with the RGA and ALEC made it all mass murders happen. Repeat. That all Republican Drumf response. Yikes. Grover NRA Norquist is there. Drumf red states and Republican failures.
     The cos and Drumf more. Yikes. It's Drumf. The dot does all of Drumf's work. Drumf simply can not be bothered. Drumf is golfing and grifting now. Drumfcare, total Drumf failure. .

     That Drumf of justice. Bill diss Barr. Sos.

     Swamp Monsters. The Nazi Koch bros. Swamp creatures. Kuzuntite. Swamp creatures. Swamp creatures. Swamp creatures. Swamp creatures. Repeat. Swamp creatures. Swamp creatures. Swamp creatures. Criminal Drumf. Swamp creatures and the doj. Swamp Monsters.

     Taiwan. Hong Kong, China. Japan. Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong. Japan. Philippines.
     The American West. Drumf Republican Right Wing Extremists for decades. Canada.
     Italy. Europe.
     Zimbabwe. Africa. South Africa.
     Argentina. Brazil.
     Israel. Syria. Iraq.