John Blyth

The 2020 Presidential Election

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:42:34 AM | Back to Blygs

     Democrats. Swing states. Democrats. Joe Biden. Democrats. Voting rights. Democrats. $. United Democrats. It was good to see the good # 44 again. The good Congress. Florida. Governors. Drumf failures. We know Republcans are not the enemy. Repeat. Democrats. Elections. North Carolina and more. Women.

     Keep dangerous Drumf out of the Post Office. Oregon and more. Hark. Poll workers. Postal fraud Drumf. Terrorist Drumf is in the Post Office. That criminal Drumf poster child in the Post Office. Everyday. Your all traitor criminal Drumf regime. Republicans like that and much criminal Drumf more. Washington and every other state denounce Drumf Post Office frauds. Repeat. Freaky Drumf must go.

     Criminal Drumf. Repeat. Congress. Republicans. Drumf failures. Drumf fuey, lies and treachery. Drumf is being clobberred in the polls. Bigly and badly, Drumf is being pulverized. Drumf is raiding and robbing RNC campaign funds again now. All gone. Yikes. Your all Republican party of Drumf. Elections. Drumf Republicans. Utterly worthless Drumf. Texas. Traitor Drumf. Good riddons to that roach Drumf. 
     it is all a Right Wing Extremist crime festival. 336 Gerry man derings of the Nazi Koch bros 700 arch criminal robber barrons club. Drumf's newest criminal election 2020 scam in Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the cos and the Thomas Hofeller files with the RNC. That all dark monies RNC. Dark, down and dirty. Debauchery. Drumf's very own Sadom and Gomorrah.