John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:13:37 AM | Back to Blygs

     Economy killer Drumf. Deserter and thief Drumf. Drumf sabotage and treachery. Repeat. The Russia connections. Traitor Drumf. Repeat. The Russia connections. Do not donate to Drumf Republicans anywhere. Repeat freaky Drumf. Boogaloo Drumf is danger to us all and Drumf is skeared. Skeardy cat Drumf. The criminal Drumf regime killing business. Drumf will stop at nothing. To kill America. The Nazi koch bros Grover NRA Norquist Farm policy. 7 decades of the JBS of hate. The chief of swamp. Premeditaed. Cities. Drumf Russia connections. Mass murders. Drumf vaccums against us repeat. All for Russia, spy Drumf. Unilateral Drumf fascism.

     Freaky criminal Drumf. Dark monies Drumf. 150,000 Drumf dead. Do not donate to Drumf Republicans anywhere. Deadly pusherman Drumf. The deadly Drumf Plague rages on now. Republicans pay no price, nothing, ever and want legal immunity for their deadly ongoing crimes against us. Yikes. What people are not seeing is that the Drumf Plague with all it's cataclysms against us are all a massive Grover NRA Norquist Koch bros tax against us we can not pay. We have been Nazi Koch bros weaponized Drumf Plague taxed to death and beyond. Repeat. The nasty all Republican Drumf assault against women. Drumf does not care. Drumf has lost the women vote. Drumf killed it all. Drumf sports. Killed that. Colleges. Killed that. No deal Drumf. Hurry up and wait for more Drumf Plague. Drumf killed tourism everywhere. Economy killer Republicans.

     The 2020 Drumf of justice. Bill diss Barr sabotage and treachery.

     Latin America Right Wing Extremism
     Pals of Drumf.
     The China Drumf connections. Republicans make no mention.