John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 11:53:43 AM | Back to Blygs

     You'll see. Terrorist Drumf. Jobs killer Drumf Republicans. Economy killers. The Russia connections. Spy Drumf. Drumf does not care. Treachery and sabotage. Drumf Republicans do not care. Repeat. Why? Because Drumf does not like us, not at all. There is Drumf now.  Louse, loser Drumf. Drumf. Drumf. Drumf. Yikes. Everyone run for your lives. It's Drumf. Pals of Drumf. Drumf women. The Drumf parade. Bigly and badly. Your all Republican party of Drumf. Frauds and the Russia connections. All right out of Putins playbook. Seperatism with Drumf sadism. All for the Drumf RGA money. Drumf is thrilled. Drumf Republican failures. Repeat. Republican job killers. What ever it is, Drumf Republicans killed it all. Housing and everything else. Drumf could not care less and never will. Confederate Drumf. Remove the criminal Drumf among us. All of it. Confederate freaks. The all Republican Drumf regime. Cruel criminal pains, sufferings and death. It never had to Drumf Republican happen. None of it. 

     All criminal Drumf terrorisms. All  fascist Drumf Republican sadism. Repeat. Over 145,000 Drumf dead. Mass murdered. Nazi koch bros serfdom is criminal next. Remove the entire criminal Drumf Regime now. Repeat. Do not wait and do not hesitate. Your all Republican Congress makes and keeps it all repeatimg massacre mass murders against us. Remove the all Republican criminals against us now. Bill diss Barr with fascist Drumf. Nobody wants Drumf Bill diss Barr Republicans fascists. Nobody. Portland, Oregon and bloody Drumf doj Bill diss Barr more. Yikes. The Nazi Koch bros scotus. Criminal Drumf, Bill diss Barr, Republicans abuse of powers with ooj. Repeat. Do not allow Drumf to continue for any reason.  Fascist Drumf must be removed now. Schools killer Drumf Republicans. Henious crimes against us by Drumf Republicans. Schools. Online. Drumf has us all living like jerks. Remove the all criminal Drumf regime now. End the problem. Drumf Republicans. Do the solutions.
     The all criminal Drumf pusherman, cdc, dept of education, force to open schools is all criminal Drumf sadism  Criminal Republican cruelties against children. Lock repeat child abuser Drumf up. That criminal all Republican Drumf regime. All of 'em. Burrowing Nazis. Labradoodle criminal Drumf freaks. The Nazi Koch bros chief of swamp. Mass murderers.

     The criminal Drumf regime have roached this country out, criminlly Drumf Plague ugly. and it never had to happen. Fascist criminal Drumf Republicans make it all criminal happen and keep it all mass murders against us. Economy killer Drumf. XXX repeat offendors. Portland Drumf and Bill diss Barr more. Drumf Republicans pay no price, nothing, ever. Total fraud Drumf Republicans. Nazis by every utter name. Ayn Rand Grover NRA Norquist spy libertarians. Chaos, anarchy and mass murders. None of it had to happen but was Nazi forced. Louse loser Drumf Republicans are thrilled. The Nazi koch bros do a criminal curtsey and never pay any price, ever. Drumf Republicans. All willfull criminal Republican failures. Criminal Drumf regime willfull criminal Republican mass murders. Repeat. That deadful criminal Republican response.

     Drumf spies, lies and the Russia connections. The American Drumf catastrophe.

     Putin Drumf. Fascist death cultures. Repeat criminal trash. Putin Drumf. Bebe Drumf. Orban Drumf. NRA Pals of Drumf. Right Wing Extremists worldwide are burning down. Spy Boris. Bolsonara Brazil and more. Turkey Drumf. Criminal monsters.
     China Drumf. Repeat. China Drumf. Drumf treason. All Republican sos repeat.
     Europe Drumf. Do you see Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer now. Do you see the Nazi Koch bros Drumf regime now?
     Lo, but let us not forget those Ukraine Russia Drumf connections. And that all Republican congress Grimm Reapers response. Lag, drag and kill it all, do nothing Republicans repeat.

     Swamp Monsters. Criminally Drumf ugly. Those genuine Nazi Koch bros commodities. Swamp monsters. The Nazi want it all and will stop at Drumf nothing. That Drumf gold rush. Repeat.