John Blyth

The 2020 Presidential Election

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:17:58 AM | Back to Blygs

     Super spreader Drumf Republicans. Do not donate to loser Drumf Republicans anywhere. Desperately under reported red state Drumf deaths. Republican Governors disasters. Drumf Nazis for the Nazi Koch bros are thrilled. TX. AZ. Kansas. GA. IA. SD. Florida. SC. NC. Alabama. TN. Miss. Idaho. LA. and much Drumf Plague more. Treacherous. It's criminal Drumf. Yikes. Repeat. Drumf spies, lies and horrids. All Republican. Spy Drumf. Deserters and thiefs. Anti science Republicans. America is soo done with total loser .Drumf. Done Drumf. Criminal Drumf. Drumf is messing up the Post Office all Drumf ugly. El Bandito Maligno. Louse Drumf. Drumf Republicans.

     Democrats are beating the snott out of all failed Republicans everywhere. Democrats. Democrats. Democrats. Progressives.