John Blyth

Your Koch bros wholly owned, strictly controlled all Republican 53 Senate.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:12:13 AM | Back to Blygs

     Your all Republican Nazi Koch bros party of Drumf. No changes. Your all Republican everythang made it all happen and keep it all repeating death to America. Criminal mass murders. The all Republican assault against U.S. healthcare continues now. Criminal Republicans will stop at nothing to rob us all bigly and badly. Rob you to death. Ever Drumf uglier. Republican spies, lies and horrids. The grover NRA Norquist Congress with the nazi Koch bros Senate. Those Republican could not care less. Un-American all Republican criminal sabotage with treachery. That all Republican response. White Nazi trash. Repeat. Mitch Nazi Koch bros McConnell judges, 200. Legacy Nazi Koch bros. Now Republicans will evict you bigly and badly. Yikes. Never liked you any way. Freaky Drumf Republicans. Treacherous Republicans are on paid vacation now, $87 per hour 24/7 until July 20th. Says you can all drop dead, die in the streets Drumf Plague. Do not donate to Drumf Republicans anywhere. Republicans like that & Republicans like this. Disgusting.