John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:10:42 AM | Back to Blygs

     Terrorist Drumf. Treacherous traitors Drumf with your all Republican party of death, doom and disease. The Russia connections. Right Wing Extremists. Steve Bannon there with Grover NRA Norquist here. Total fraud deserter Drumf. You'll see. Tremendous Drumf failure. That genuine Drumf vernacular there. Do not donate to criminal deserter Drumf failures.

     Party crasher Drumf. Think You know? Super spreader Drumf is in Mount Rushmore now. And why not? Claim jumpers, cattle rustlers, brothel owners, poachers, hoodlums, stick up men, bushwhackers, mauraders, cutthroats. con men, deserters, cowards, grifters and mass murderers have been going there for decades. Many, never to return. What they did not know, is, that, the Black Hills finds them, not the other way around. It won't take long to find out. And there is no tale to tell. Not the silver bullitt, nothing. Pals of Drumf. Pals of Drumf like this. & Drumf Pals like that. It never had to all Republican Drumf happen. Criminal Drumf.
     Claim jumper Drumf wants to build a garden on stolen property. But Drumf will use taxpayer dollars, none of his money. What that does is, it make all taxpayers criminal accomplices to Drumf fascist Confederate crimes against America. Grover NRA Norquist with Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller do Nazi spy curtseys. Bushwhacker Drumf. Fascist Drumf. Thrilling Drumf. Tremendous traitor Drumf. Repudiate crimina Drumf. Remove the Drumf vermin now. Levenworth culling the all Republican party of Drumf regime. Remove the Confederate vagrant, traitor Drumf now. Dangerous Drumf. Derelict Drumf. Right Wing NRA Extremists garden. Just say no to Drumf Confederate stolen park.

     The Drumf economy. Sick Drumf and that genuine Drumf vernacular. Repeat.

     The all criminal Republican Drumf Plague. It never had to Drumf happen. All Republican forced, over and over again. Criminal Drumf disease on Russian steroids. Drumf is thrilled. The divided nation is not at all at rest. Grover NRA Norquist is thrilled. The Nazi Koch bros like to keep America in misery and pains and have done quite well at it for 7 Nazi decades.. Remove the entire criminal Drumf regime now. Criminal Drumf. The Drumf of July, 2020. Criminal Drumf Republicans do not care at all. Awful Drumf. Science, not Drumf. Science. Yikes.Do not let the deadly Drumf Plague kill you. Republicans like that. Grover NRA Norquist with the Nazi Koch bros. Weaponized Drumf Plague against us. 130,000 Drumf dead. The Republican Governors. Texas, Florida and more. Your all Republican Congress with the Drumf. Super spreader Republican Governors, Republican Congress with the Drumf. The Nazi Koch bros are thrilled. The FDA says Drumf is scum.

     Bill diss Barr. Swamp creatures. The DoC. Drumf killed the lobsters too.

     The China connections. Drumf will do nothing. Hong Kong. China. Pals of Drumf.

     Traitor Drumf Russia connections. Repeat. Traitor Drumf sabotage against us. Treachery. Fascist Drumf. That genuine Drumf vernacular there. That ugly Drumf criminal brand. Repeat offendor XXX Drumf could not care less. The nation held hostage for criminal fascism by Right Wing Extremists. Remove the criminal Drumf vermin now. Drain the filthy swamp.