John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:23:02 AM | Back to Blygs

     Drumf terrorism. You'll see. Drumf terrorisms. You'll see. The Russia connections. Bitter, disturbed, feeble Drumf. Drumf wants to be retired in Mara-spy infested - lago. That is not going to happen. Criminal Drumf crimes against humanity. Repeat. Drumf does not care at all. Remove the Drumf vermin now. Turk gold traders, money laundering and Drumf more. Awful Drumf with the Nazi Koch bros. Serious long term structural damage against us. The Mexicans did not pay for the Drumf wall. El bandito maligno. Nada. Dangerous Drumf. Feeble, unfit Drumf. 120,000 Drumf dead. Criminal Drumf Republicans made it all happen and keep it all repeating Drumf Plague death to all. Drumf Republican mass murders. That all Republican Drumf response. No changes. Your all Republican party of Drumf quit anything and everything about helping any of us regarding the Drumf Plague. And we all know, the willfull Drumf failures, not to work ending the Drumf Plague will keep on killing the Drumf economy to death. It is all golf and bon bons now for Drumf. Grover NRA Norquist and Steve hate us all Bannon are thrilled. Spy Boris too. Drumf could not care less. Jobs killer Drumf perfidy Pence. Do not donate to Bunker boy loser Drumf. Do not wait for more criminal Drumf attrocities to kill us all. Remove the Drumf vermin now. Another 20,000 jobs all Republican robbed. Jobs killer Drumf perfidy Pence

     The Drumf of justice. Dirty. it is all bad. Dawg dirty. All criminal Drumf ugly. Dirty Drumf. Criminals Drumf, Bill diss Barr. Repeat. The Bill diss Barr report. Swamp creatures. Koch bros personnel and the cos. Swamp creatures. Hijacking massive census tax dollars, Drumf Republicans. Repeat. Bill diss Barr. That Drumf of justice. Freaky Drumf.

     Kosovo. Kosovo.