John Blyth

Your Koch bros wholly owned, strictly controlled all Republican 53 Senate.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:19:19 AM | Back to Blygs

     Your all Republican party of Drumf made it all mass murder deaths against us and keep it all repeating Nazi for the Nazi Koch bros every Republican death day. Repeat. Vote for that. There are no conservatives. Only Nazi Koch bros Nazis.

     Your Republican Senate killed the American economy when it let guilty Drumf go at Impeachment.
     Serial Business killer Republicans. All of us got robbed. Republicans got paid and then some. It is all redlining, steering and gerry man derings on Russia steroids.
     The inequality divide greatly extended and the Nazi Koch bros clearly the victors. Sinister like a mug.
     Grover NRA Norquist will not like that and Steve Bannon did curtsey's. All antiquities favor the arcane Koch bros zero updates, all Republican endlessly. Antebellum America for Nazi Koch bros personnel.
     38.6 million jobs stolen. Republicans could not care less, paid no price and got paid.
     The all Republican assaults against us. Repeat every criminal day. GDP at minus or negative 35% for all Republican year 2020. Criminalized Nazi charter schools and right wing more.
     Republicans completely destroyed all U.S. Healthcare and systems criminally methodic. 7 decades of the nazi Koch bros JBS of hate for hell and ruination. The all Republican sabotage of infrastructures has been sustained for at least 7 decades against us.
     Your all Republican party of Drumf broke all of the States financially forever. Moscow NRA Mitch McConnell deserted us with Drumf and will only do more Nazi judges against us for Nazi Koch bros legacy and ruinations.
     We get deaths and all the bills to pay. Swamp creatures and that Drumf of justice. Repeat. That Drumf of justice. All Republican Congress approved and guarenteed to Nazi repeat.
     Republicans are thrilled. No ovens required. Drumf dead everywhere. Up your all Republican everythang. To kill America. The Nazi Koch bros all Republican party of Drumf will stop at nothing. Moscow Mitch McConnel Drumf Republicans say they are imune from prosecutions and all Paul Ryan laws.