John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:25:25 AM | Back to Blygs

     All terrorism, you'll see. 95,000 Drumf dead. The Russia connections. 95,000 Drumf dead. The all criminal Drumf regime did everything criminally possible to aid and abett, advance the Drumf Plague against us. And it never had to Nazi happen. None of it. Remove the louse Drumf vermin now. Total criminal Drumf failure. Repeat, everyday for Nazi Koch bros scorched earth policies of hate for hell.
     We know the willfull Grover NRA Norquist crimes of not allowing the centralized federal government response to take control of the deadly Drumf Plague has accelerated and exascerbated mass murder deaths against us that never had to criminally Drumf happen. Repeat. Willfully criminal, the completely uncoordinated response to purposely make and keep the Drumf Plague maximine effect against us everyday. Worse and fuel on the arsonist all Republican Plague pandemic, the Nazi Koch bros allowed RGA failed states to do it all wrong and backwards repeatedly, any and all preparedness that should have happened in every state but did not. Thus furthering all mass murders against us. And continuing. All Republican 95,000 deaths against us.
     The filthy repeat offending criminals that allowed broke states to do it all with no monies after your all Republican everythang had thrown the nation into pandemic plague perils of no resolve. It takes a lot of hate to genocide do that. All in the knowing that only an 18 month minimum vaccine could be a cure. Death and more deaths. Crimes, confusion and chaos are the criminal tools of how, who when and where the Nazis killed America. The criminal nazi pay no price, nothing, ever. We get dead and all the criminal deficits to pay. Bankruptcy is Drumf's name and game. The deficit now, at least 9 all Republican trillion added. The Nazi Koch bros second the motion with their criminal Congress for decades. To kill America in every vile despicable way.
     Drumf could not care 95,000 Drumf deaths less. Yet Drumf is not alone in his all criminal Drumf regime hoodlums fascism. Oh no. Lots of swamp creatures make it all happen and repeat crimes against humanity every louse Drumf vermin day. Let us all look now at the deadly Drumf louse vermin killing us all bigly and badly;
     1. Drumf lawyers. The Nazi Koch bros scotus too.
     2. Bill DissBarr. The Drumf of justice everywhere. All Republican Drumf of justice.
     3. Failed RGA States, at least 3 and more. The NRA right to kill states all.
     4. The RNC. Money lauderings. The fec and more.
     5. Those genuine Drumf vernacular Russia narratives. Who, what and where, too many to repeat. All criminal treacherous traitors and for Nazi decades.
     6. Dark monies. How much is that.
     7. Swamp creatures. Steve hate us all Bannon and the doT. 86% turnout rate. All Republican approved. Sos and the bigly bady freak job. Total disaster. That dot.
     8. GDP at negative or minus 35% for Drumf year 2020. There will be no G-7 this Drumf year.
     9. All terrorism, Criminal Drumf is in the Post Office. The number of dept's, agencies and personnel gutted by the Nazis and replaced with Nazi Drumf spies, lies and horrids. Or just left vacant willfully to ensure nothing will get done at all. Criminal Drumf regime repeat.
     10. Completely failed Drumf policies of disasters. Pals of real estate Drumf Putin Russia connections. Bolsonaro Brazil. Drumf pals like that. Right Wing Extremist coordinated mass murders worldwide. No accidents here or there. Willfull crimes against humanity, not to the jobs of pandemic emergencies. Same names all the criminal time. Killer Rx Drumf failures. Killer Drumf. 1,300 vets given hydroxychloraquine in the VA. That is criminal. Drumf must be removed now.

     Swamp Monsters. ChinaAll Republican, 7 decades of the Nazi Koch bros. The all Republican party of the Nazi Koch bros has killed all public work projects for decades.

     Hong Kong, China. Xi. It is going to be bad. Hong Kong. China. Hong Kong, China. China.

     Terrorism. Drumf must be removed now. Terrorism. Drumf criminal torture. Drumf should not be allowed to endlessly spew criminal wrongs against us. Science, not Drumf. Memorial Day. Not Drumf. 95,000 Drumf dead. 5 time deserter Drumf, deserted us everyday and every way. That deadly Drumf brand. Awful Drumf.