John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:47:44 AM | Back to Blygs

     90,000 Drumf dead. In the swamp. The Russia connections. Steve hate us all Bannon. Willfull criminal Nazi Koch bros isolationist scorched earth policies of hate are all long known criminal vaccum failures against us. Repeat. The world must work together to defeat the deadly Drumf Plague against us. Awful Drumf. It is all criminal crimes against humanity Drumf Nazis. Drumf is doing all of Nazi Robert Mercer, Steve Bannons dirty work to work against us every Drumf day. The killing of America was and is all premeditated Nazi mass murders. The world without us had moved on long ago. Quack, con man, fraud. That Drumf brand criminal public health menace Drumf. Shaky destabilized Drumf must be removed now. Horrifying. Make pals of Drumf rich again, the Nazi Koch bros new world odor will not like that. Grover NRA Norquist Drumf regime repeat. Right Wing Extreimists. Brazil, whoa. Hungary. The Drumf Russia connections. The Russia Drumf connections. The Nazi Koch bros and Robert Nazi Mercer are thrilled and Drumf Putin ate it all Drumf ugly. Repeat. Remove the deserter and thief now. Repeat. Vote for that sos shifty Drumf mess. Drumf spies, lies and horrids. Drumf with his hoodlum pals will stop at nothing now. Your irritated bowel dawgs Drumf perfdiy Pence  bottonless shaft jobs, every kind of criminal  hoodlum Drumf cyber crimes and desperate pofiery pedals of doom, pitance with that ever more Drumf of justice. Drumf is thrilled and eating bon bons.

     Swamp Monsters. Nazis.

     Botswana. Fore the Nazi Koch bros soo hated the world and all in it. Toronto.
     Israel perfidy Pence.